Best CBD Cannabis Oil Products

The top 4 best CBD Cannabis Oil Products for the year 2017. We'll help clarify which CBD oil is best for you as they're not all created equal. Not all CBD oils are equal With the medical benefits of CBD oil extolled worldwide, people are capitalising on its potential. Not just its potential for helping the people of the world, but the potential to make huge amounts of money. Hemp-derived CBD is legal under the Federal Controlled Substances Act. Cannabis-derived CBD is illegal because of its THC content, not it CBD content. To produce CBD, you need to acquire plants high...
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Portugal Drug Decriminalizing Works

Portugal drug decriminalizing works. When Portugal decriminalised all drugs, it faced worldwide criticism for its approach. Portuguese authorities no longer prosecute people for having less than what they consider to be a 10-day supply of any illegal drug. This includes a gram of heroin, amphetamines and ecstasy, 25 grams of cannabis or 2 grams of cocaine. Portugal Drug Decriminalizing Works This does not mean they do not arrest and jail drug runners and sellers. Drug decriminalisation removed the stigma of using drugs. Instead, people with small amounts of drugs receive a citation to face a ‘dissuasion panel’. These panels have...
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Canada’s Black Market From the Shadows Into the Light

Canada's Black Market From the Shadows Into the Light Canada's black market from the shadows into the light. The life blood of Smiths Fall, the old Hershey’s Kisses factory closed its doors and moved to Mexico in 2007. The closing of the factory was hard on the local area. For more than 40 years, this rural community held the title of the ‘Chocolate capital of Ontario'. Now the dilapidated building has weeds growing through the cracks of the carpark pavement. The old Hershey's factory, desolate, and abandoned to the naked eye. What does it hide inside? Out of the shadows...
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Government Drug Testing Toilet Sewage

Government drug testing toilet sewage since at least 2015 with some data as early as 2008. Privacy is hard enough as it was with the NSA listening and seeing everything you do or say. They do this through your smart phones and smart TV's. The internet has no boundries and CCTV camera's everywhere. Government Drug Testing Toilet Sewage The government is testing your raw sewage and calculating precisely how many doses of cocaine were taken. Precisely how much you took on Christmas day. We have leaked data that shows the Government is drug testing raw sewage in neighborhoods and even in...
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Grow Weed Without Your Neighbours Knowing

How to grow weed without your neighbours knowing. The last thing you need when growing a stash is your neighbours finding out. Here are some things to help keep your grow operations secret from your neighbours. The last thing you need is them finding out. Don't Get Caught - How To Grow Weed Without Your Neighbours Knowing Do not get caught. Obvious. I know. But, it is amazing how many people mouth off to their friends about what they are doing. When one person knows so will the rest of the world. There is not much point growing a great crop and...
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