Gator Raid Dispensaries Busts Arrested Marc and Jodie Emery

Gator Raid Dispensaries Busts Arrested Marc and Jodie Emery at the Toronto airport as they were on their way to Spannabis 2017, a well know cannabis event held in Spain. Gator Raid Dispensaries Busts Arrested Marc and Jodie Emery Mark and Jodie Emery are famous for running their dozen Cannabis Culture shops in Canada. As many as 11 search warrants were issues targeting five stores in Toronto. Another store in Vancouver as well as one more in Hamilton. The Police nemed the raids "Gator" Police also executed warrants for two private residences. One in Vancouver and another in Stoney Creek....
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Best Seed Bank For Feminized Seeds

Best seed bank for feminized seeds depends on which genetics you're after. Cannabis strains can't all be feminised properly. They can be prone to hermaphrodites. No one wants any hermaphrodites to ruin thier sensimilla grow. sensimilla is Spanish for Marijuana without seeds. So all the energy goes into growing THC and CBD instead of producing seed. This degrades the THC in your buds. Production of seed instead of bud takes longer. Seed production uses more energy. Your harvest won't be as potent in THC and CBD. That's why so many people choose to grow using feminized seeds instead. No more males pollinating...
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Best Marijuana Strains of All Time

As of March 07, 2017 You probably already know all the old school best marijuana strains of all time. The one hit wonder AK-47 feminized version is at the top of the list. For some reasons, genetically, AK-47 loves to create 100% female offspring without any hermaphrodites, which can ruin a sensimilla grow room. Best Marijuana Strains of All Time Another one of the best marijuana strains of all time that's a newer release is (GSC) Girl Scout Cookies. She remains in the top 5 most popular requested strains for recreational users and she fetches high premiums worldwide. It one...
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The Best Cannabis Strains For Making Love

The best cannabis strains making love to your partner vary couple to couple. The most sought after strain by couples is our Love Buzz Bud. Cannabis can not only increase your mental and body senses to increase your pleasure, it also bonds you with your partner like when you ground yourself to the Universe. It touches you both deep inside your soul.   The Best Cannabis Strains Making Love The greatest pleasure in the world is two people whom are madly in love sharing a well rolled joint. What happens next is time-frozen foreplay which is all raw and natural...
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Making Millions Growing Pot of Gold Cannabis Strain

Making millions growing Pot of Gold cannabis strain. This strain has such high demand because smokers love the high from the gold colored THC. Pot of Gold Produces a Potent Clear High It produces such a distinctive powerful clean high like no other. Because of the potency and the high being so clean, buyers become very addicted to Pot of Gold cannabis. This creates a very high demand and supplies run dry.   Making Millions Growing Pot of Gold Cannabis Strain Other's are already making millions growing Pot of Gold cannabis, you should seriously consider a new career. Sky Heaven...
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