Government Drug Testing Toilet Sewage

Government drug testing toilet sewage since at least 2015 with some data as early as 2008. Privacy is hard enough as it was with the NSA listening and seeing everything you do or say. They do this through your smart phones and smart TV's. The internet has no boundries and CCTV camera's everywhere. Government Drug Testing Toilet Sewage The government is testing your raw sewage and calculating precisely how many doses of cocaine were taken. Precisely how much you took on Christmas day. We have leaked data that shows the Government is drug testing raw sewage in neighborhoods and even in...
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Grow Weed Without Your Neighbours Knowing

How to grow weed without your neighbours knowing. The last thing you need when growing a stash is your neighbours finding out. Here are some things to help keep your grow operations secret from your neighbours. The last thing you need is them finding out. Don't Get Caught - How To Grow Weed Without Your Neighbours Knowing Do not get caught. Obvious. I know. But, it is amazing how many people mouth off to their friends about what they are doing. When one person knows so will the rest of the world. There is not much point growing a great crop and...
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Cannabis Events USA 2017

Organized 420 cannabis events in USA 2017 Cannabis Events USA 2017. Looking to learn more about the cannabis industry in the US? Here are some events that may interest you, whether you are seeking medical or recreational cannabis, or want more information about how to invest or get in on the ground floor of a growing cannabis industry. April Cannabis Events USA 2017 APRIL 12-13, 2017 Imperious Expo Phoenix Convention Center Phoenix, Arizona The Imperious Expo has a focus on medical and industrial cannabis businesses, but also includes recreational cannabis. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses or people seeking more information,...
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Cannabis Events Canada 2017

Organized 420 Cannabis Events Canada 2017 Looking to get involved in Canada’s cannabis movement? Whether you are in the industry, a patient or just curious, here is a current list of upcoming cannabis events Canada 2017. There is something for everyone to enjoy. April 19 Cannabis – Implications for Health: Understanding Its Uses, Risks and Benefits University of Calgary Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development This is a course that covers the legalisation of cannabis in Colorado and its recreational use. Topics include basic pharmacology of different cannabis and its effects, and an understanding of the risks, benefits and knowledge...
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Cannabis Fashion Trends 2017

Cannabis Fashion Trends It is hardly the thing you expect, but new products have made a huge hit in cannabis fashion trends 2017. While the image of a pot smoker is hardly related to high fashion with their long hair and non-descript clothes. More and more the myth of the stereotypical image is going up in smoke. It is not uncommon for professionals to toke at the end of a hard day. It is a new trending thing with greater acceptance. Fashion Designers Smoke Weed For Creativity To Create New Cannabis Fashion Trends The fashion industry is full of creative people who...
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