Vaping Cannabis Extracts

E cigarettes and vape pens burst onto the market a few years ago as a healthier, safer way to satisfy one’s nicotine cravings without risking lung cancer. The jury is still out on the absolute safety of vaping nicotine e juice, especially because of the wide variety of flavorings out there and the possibility that certain flavor compounds may cause other lung problems. But for cannabis users, vaping is a great way to partake of the wonders of Mother Nature without exposing yourself to the carcinogenic products of combustion and smoke. What is vaping? Vaping is quickly superheating a substance...
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How to take cannabis extracts sublingually

There are many different methods for taking cannabis extracts. One of the most effective methods is to take it sublingually. You simply place your hash, cannabis oil, or other extract of choice under your tongue and let it sit there for as long as you can stand it; then you swallow it. How does it work? The space under your tongue is home to many blood vessels which are extremely close to the surface. Chemical compounds are easily transferred straight to the bloodstream here. This means that the medicinal and/or psychoactive compounds that are present in any form of cannabis...
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CBD: Cannabis without the high

For all the amazing health benefits that cannabis has, it is still illegal in many parts of the world. A major reason for this is the psychoactive properties that the herb has. There is a common belief that if something gets you high, it must be immoral. While the morality or immorality of getting high could be debated for days on end, the objective fact is that there is therefore a market for something that provides the medical benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. That substance is CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is the compound in marijuana...
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Cannabis Extracts For Health

Humans have been using cannabis for millennia to cure our ailments and enhance our quality of life. Despite the legal challenges to cannabis use in many areas, this amazing plant continues to be one of the most potent medicines we have. The beneficial properties health of cannabis are immense, and the side effects are far fewer than most modern pharmaceuticals. While it is of course possible to gain the medicinal benefits of cannabis simply from drying the herb and smoking it, as many people do, there are also tremendous benefits to be gained from consuming various forms of cannabis extracts....
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Baking Marijuana Cookies: How do I get the right dosage?

There are a lot of advantages to cooking with cannabis, as opposed to smoking it. You can munch on weed cookies without anyone knowing what you’re really indulging in. The high can last longer (depending on your own tolerance levels). You’re not exposing your lungs to the carcinogenic effects of smoke. You don’t end up smelling like weed. But if you’re going to cook with weed, you need to know how much to use to get the right THC dosage. Different recipes will give you a ballpark – half an gram of dry herb, a gram of dry herb, two...
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