7 Surprising Reasons Why Is Cannabis Still Illegal in many Countries

The authorized cannabis plant crusade has been overwhelming all over much of North America. Year 2017, Mexico legitimated Indica Feminized Seeds whereas Canada is presently in the ultimate phases of becoming the primary industrialized country worldwide to authorize adult-usage World's Strongest Seeds. However, US has perceived stable advancement, with 29 states passing wide-comprehensive medical cannabis regulations 22 years ago. As stated by cannabis research, the North American lawful pot shop produced almost ten billion dollars in sales which was up thirty percent. Certainly, an enormous mainstream of comprehensive marijuana sales still shown on the black market, offering the business and...
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5 Tips For Cultivating BC God Bud Cannabis

The medicinal users and cash croppers would like to cultivate the BC god bud cannabis. The cannabis buds are used to treat various medical conditions such as insomnia, headache, chronic stress, pain, fatigue and depression. Cultivating God Bud Cannabis is neither easy nor tough. Actually, you have to follow the right steps to get a better yield at the end. Cultivating cannabis is not children’s play to get it done in any way. People use various methodologies and tips to cultivate the buds, but one who follows the precise cultivating tricks will get better results. The forthcoming tips will explain...
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Snacking Vs Smoking Cannabis: What’s The Difference?

Snacking Vs Smoking Cannabis What's The Difference
Cannabis are a group of plants that produce a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However the two main types of Cannabis that produce THC are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Cannabis can be consumed through the leaves or from the resin of the flower. The cannabis consumed through the leaves is called names such as weed, pot, Mary Jane, MJ, ganja, marijuana, and reef. The cannabis consumed by smoking the resin of the cannabis flower is called hashish or hash. When consumed, cannabis can make you feel, calm, slow, happy, excited, relaxed, talkative, anxious, or confident. There are many ways to...
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High CBD Marijuana: A Boon For Sunburn Relief!

You must have heard of various benefits of medical marijuana in the treatment of many ailment. But, have you ever known one very important feature of high CBD marijuana is, it is a boon for sunburn! Astonished??? Yes, high CBD has the potential to help with a wide range of conditions and symptoms, from gastroenterological disorders and diabetics, to nausea and anxiety. But the most surprising application of these high CBD includes treatment of sunburn, serious skin hydration, and other skin issues. So, no need to worry this summer season! You know what to do to get the best results....
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Indoor Vs Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation: Which Is Better?

Indoor Vs Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation Which Is Better
The only reason why cannabis became a plant that people grow indoors is that it was criminalized. If the cultivation of cannabis was not prohibited, the people who started the indoor cultivation of cannabis would not have even considered it. The Indoor cultivation of cannabis started because people did not want to face the wrath of the law for growing cannabis and it never stopped since then. One of the questions that people ask (especially the people living in countries where it is legal to grow cannabis) before they start growing cannabis is: Which one is better between the indoor...
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