24 Medical Benefits Of Cannabis

  • February 23, 2018
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24 Medical Benefits Of Cannabis

24 medical benefits of cannabis

24 medical benefits of cannabis. It may come as no surprise at the huge benefits cannabis has to help many medical ailments. This could be the reason for making it illegal for so long across the world as an alternative to pharmaceutical treatments. Big pharma is about huge dollars where this humble plant has much to offer. And, of course, this has no benefit to pharmaceutical corporations. In fact, if cannabis becomes legal across the world, it could cost them squillions of dollars in lost sales. But, this humble herb has been around for thousands of years and used for many medical purposes until its widespread ban. We thinks it’s important to share our 24 medical benefits of cannabis.

Say No To Chemicals

In a world showing interest in natural remedies, people are turning away from chemicals. Too often pharmaceutical drugs have massive side effects that can add stress to patients. 24 Medical Benefits Of Cannabis. Here are 24 benefits of medical cannabis.

1.            Helps kick serious painkiller addictions

Scientific research has unearthed evidence supporting cannabis use for patients recovering from painkiller addictions in rehabilitation. Researchers from Columbia University found that patients treated with THC had a better chance of completing their course of treatment. These patients also experienced lower levels of withdrawal symptoms.

2.              Cannabis can ease depression

Depression is a huge silent problem for people across the US. Research shows cannabis can help ease depression. With research into the medical benefits of cannabis so new, the medical possibilities of this wonder natural herb are coming to light. Research coming out of the University of Buffalo’s Research on Addictions found the use of some cannabis products could possibly “restore normal endocannabinoid functions help stabilize moods and ease depression”. Endocannabinoids are a chemical substance in our brains that are similar to components derived from cannabis.

3.              Cannabis assists in controlling epileptic seizures

For years anecdotal evidence as well as laboratory and research study findings point to using the non-psychoactive (CBD) compounds in cannabis to assist in controlling epileptic seizures.

4.              Cannabis does not harm your lungs unlike tobacco

How surprising is this? Data released in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society says that smoking one joint a day over 20 years will not harm your lungs. Emory University researchers (in Atlanta) concluded cannabis did not contribute to breathing problems. Even more surprising were the results showing that people who smoked pot on a regular basis had less respiratory problems.

5.              Cannabis and cancer

The cannabinoids in cannabis can fight different types of cancer. There is a huge amount of research and evidence that cannabis can help to fight cancer and the side-effects of cancer treatments.

6.              Cannabis could be a good alternative for treating ADHD

According to the Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia, THC and CBD derivatives from cannabis can treat ADHD and ADD. It does this by activating the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the brain. The usual treatment of these conditions includes Adderall and Ritalin. Cannabis works to stimulate the “sympathetic nervous system. Some people cannot tolerate the side effects of these drugs and, for many, they only treat the symptoms. This means many patients may never recover. Cannabis derivatives go right to the source in the brain.

7.              Effective for treating glaucoma

Research shows the cannabinoids in cannabis are effective in lowering the intraocular pressure (IOP) in glaucoma patients. It is the IOP that causes glaucoma patients to go blind.

8.              Slows down Alzheimer’ disease

Research released in 2014 indicates cannabis can help slow down Alzheimer’s disease. As we know, cognitive degeneration is something we can all face as we get older. THC, according to Chuanhai Cao PhD and Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute neuroscientist, is a powerful “antioxidant with neuroprotective properties”. This is great news for our aging population.

9.              Cannabis may assist in treating Autism

Autism is a high-profile disorder affecting many people. For example, 1 in 100 people in Australia have Autism. Its treatment approach is usually a combination of therapies. Patients are usually diagnosed when young and there is concern about the possible side effects of the drugs prescribed. Research shows that using CBD extracted from cannabis is effective in controlling hostility, rage, anxiety, and mood swings.

10.           Multiple Sclerosis patients can find relief

Research shows cannabis has promise for treating the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in patients. Cannabis derivatives, such as CBD, are effective in treating symptoms like pain, tremors, and spasms in MS patients.

11.           Cannabis helps broken bones heal

How interesting is this? Research coming out of Israel found CBD has a chemical reaction with the collagen in our bodies to speed up healing broken bones. Researcher from Tel Aviv’s Bone Research Laboratory Dr Yankel Gabet said, “the clinical potential of cannabinoid-related compounds is simply undeniable at this point.”

12.           Cannabis helps relive the pain of arthritis

Arthritis is a crippling disease that affects many. The pain is horrendous and only gets worse as the disease progresses. The CBD in cannabis can help relieve the pain of arthritis. This is a good alternative to the many side effects of pharmaceutical medications.

13.           Post-traumatic stress disorder and cannabis

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is on the rise. With so many people returning from service in war torn countries they relive the atrocities of war. But, any traumatic event can trigger PTSD so it is on the rise across the world. Research shows there is evidence cannabis can help relieve the nightmares trauma can cause as well as other PTSD symptoms.

14.           Relief for skin conditions

Great news for people with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. New research shows cannabis as a viable option for treating these. Studies show cannabis derivatives can slow the growth of immature skin cells. Inflammation is a symptom of conditions like eczema and research demonstrates the positive effect of CBD on regulating the immune system. It decreases the inflammation associated with inflammation of the skin. Other studies show topical CBD products are effective in treating chronic skin problems.

15.           Cannabis and weight control

Smoking cannabis is usually associated with having the munchies. But research shows properties of some strains of cannabis can actually help you to lose weight. How? It helps your body control the production of insulin in your body, which helps people manage the calories they consume.

16.           Anxiety control

While cannabis can trigger anxiety, the opposite is true as well. This association is a complex issue. There is strong evidence using cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceutical medications is useful for treating some people with depression, without the side effects from of other drugs.

17.           Cannabis can help AIDS/HIV suffers

While it is not possible for cannabis to actually cure AIDS/HIV, many patients use it to reduce the symptoms of this disease. By controlling symptoms such as nausea, pain, and loss of appetite, research shows patients are more likely to stick to their antiretroviral treatments than those who do not use cannabis.

18.           Regulating your metabolic system

Cannabis can have a positive effect on regulating your metabolism. Research demonstrates that regular cannabis users have a waist measurement up to 1.5 inches less than people who do not use this miracle herb. Cannabis users also have a lower body mass index.

19.           Cannabis links to diabetes prevention

Diabetes is rampant across the world. There is now evidence that links cannabis to diabetes prevention. Research demonstrates regular cannabis users have insulin levels that can prevent the onset of diabetes.

20.           Use cannabis to regulate eating disorders

Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia have links to brain chemistry imbalances. Scientific research discovered the brain’s neutrotransmitters are similar to cannabis properties. It is these that are often underactive, particularly in women with eating disorders. Using cannabis can help regulate this part of the brain.

21.           Cannabis can treat migraines

A huge amount of people regularly take painkillers to relieve headaches. The pharmaceutical drugs have a lot of negative side effects. Results from a recent study shows that cannabis is slightly more effective at reducing how often people had migraines. The study also showed cannabis was more effective for reducing pain from migraines. Soon patients may soon have the choice between treating headache disorders with chemicals or a natural herb.

22.           Cannabis as a treatment for speech disorders

There are a lot of medical conditions that cause speech disorders such as stroke and senile dementia, for example. While there is still more research needed into this area, we know cannabis helps to relax muscular spams so it could also assist in speech disorders.

23.           Nausea control using cannabis

Nausea is a common problem that can hit at any time. Some people live with nausea on a daily basis, this is debilitating for those affected. The CBD derived from cannabis may be effective in controlling difficult to control symptoms of nausea. This is great news for patients undergoing chemotherapy. It is well-known that conventional drugs struggle to relieve nausea in cancer patients.

24.           Cannabis can calm asthma attacks

Asthma affects many people, for example, 8 in 10 people have a diagnosis of asthma in Australia. There is some early research that suggests cannabis is an effective treatment for reducing the inflammation caused by asthma. Cannabis causes the airways to open up to allow more air into the lungs. There are lot of surprising medical benefits here, and there are lot more. We hope you enjoyed reading our 24 medical benefits of cannabis article. Please leave your comments below and leave your personal medical benefits of cannabis for others to learn. 24 Medical Benefits Of Cannabis
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