Trimming Cannabis Plant: What Should You Know?

Trimming Cannabis Plant What Should You Know
Trimming Cannabis Plant: What Should You Know? No matter what kind of cannabis seeds you buy, you'll want to properly care for your plant. One important step in learning how to grow cannabis is learning to trim your plants. This step serves a variety of purposes and it is so important that we created a whole article to walk you through it. Before we start on how to trim your cannabis plants though we are going to take a look at why you need to trim them. Why You Should Trim Cannabis Plants? Cannabis is a wonderful plant that can...
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How To Take Care Of Marijuana Plant?

How To Take Care Of Marijuana Plant
Marijuana plants are becoming more popular around the world as they become legal and more resources become available. Beyond the weed that you get from growing marijuana, you get the rewarding experience of growing marijuana yourself. Growing your own marijuana plants takes care and today we are going to take a look into the proper care for your cannabis plant. Watering Needs for Growing Your Marijuana Plants It isn’t hard to overwater cannabis plants so you should take great care when it comes to watering your marijuana. Cannabis plants rely on both wet and dry times and the best way...
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Why Grow Marijuana Yourself?

Why Grow Marijuana Yourself
Why Grow Marijuana Yourself? Growing cannabis plants at home is becoming more popular under lockdown. Growing marijuana isn’t quite the same as growing other plants around the house. With the ability to get marijuana from your local shop you may be wondering why someone would grow their own, let’s take a look. Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis Plants A New Skill Set and Hobby The number one thing you gain from growing your own marijuana is a new skill set. You learn how to care for a unique plant. Growing is more than just a way to get affordable...
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Learn Why Growing Cannabis Yourself is Getting so Popular

Learn Why Growing Cannabis Yourself Is Getting So Popular!
Growing cannabis is an excellent recreational hobby. Some do it as a medical tool and to save money. Legalization of marijuana makes it far easier to purchase, as you can walk into a dispensary and buy some. However, dispensaries have their drawbacks. Growing Cannabis is Better Than Dispensing Going to a dispensary often means paying a premium to get legal marijuana that has been grown to the strict requirements of the state that you are in. You are also limited to what strains you can get and to buying in cash as shops are not allowed to take debit or...
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Is Growing Your Own Weed Better Than Buying Weed?

Is Growing Your Own Weed Better Than Buying Weed
Growing weed is better than buying it on the streets. Now that more states are legalizing marijuana, it is becoming easier to buy in person. This brings up the question of whether you should grow your weed or should you move over to buying weed from a dispensary? We are going to take a look at the answer to that question today. Growing Your Own Marijuana Depending on where you live, it may be easy and legal to grow your marijuana. Despite the legality, people have been growing small amounts of weed from home for ages, it brings with it...
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