How Cannabis Plants Change in The Summer

There are unique challenges associated with growing the cannabis plant in the summer. This is because it grows well within a particular humidity and temperature range. Plenty of wind, sun, and even rain is good for the cannabis plant. Nevertheless, the cannabis plant can still thrive in summer. How Cannabis Plants Change in The Summer As the summertime comes in, the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer. It is a good time for growers to prepare their gardens for the upcoming season. Space cultivation and soil building, among other things, are what many folks will be doing. Spring...
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Top Cannabis Strains That Boost Creativity

best cannabis strains
Cannabis has for long had the ability to expand imaginations. This ability enables access to new ideas, concepts, and thoughts. Not all cannabis strains are created equally. The difference lies in their cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Some stoners do not care about what strain they use to enhance their creative mind, while others do. Sativa or Indica For Creativity The cannabis plant has three categories – Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids. All strains of cannabis fundamentally fall under one of these three groups. Sativa is better for daytime use as it has creative, uplifting, stimulating, and energetic effects on users. Indica...
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Common Causes of Stress for Your Cannabis Plant

Stress causes the cannabis plant
The cannabis plants can have occasional stress. This is no cause to panic. However, some types of stress can severely affect the health of your cannabis plant. Therefore, knowing the causes of the stress on your cannabis plant will help you grow a healthy plant. Causes of Stress for A Cannabis Plant Stress in a cannabis plant is due to an imbalance in the plant's chemistry. There are different causes of this anomaly. Whatever it is, stress affects the normal functioning of the plant. When it does, the cannabis plant will start to show signs of problems. However, not every...
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How to Recognize and Fix Cannabis Deficiencies

Cannabis Deficiencies
It is essential to know the signs of nutrient deficiency when growing cannabis. The cannabis plant becomes stressed and susceptible to mold, bugs, pests, and other pathogens when they do not get the right amount of nutrients. They may have stunted growth, resulting in reduced yields. It is important to quickly fix any symptom of cannabis deficiency before it destroys the plant. How to Recognize and Fix Cannabis Deficiency The signs of cannabis deficiency are quite obvious. They often present themselves as leaf discoloration. There are more signs of cannabis deficiency that can be avoided when you are attentive to...
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Effective Ways to Prune Cannabis Plants

Ways to Pruning cannabis plants
It is possible to manipulate the direct growth of the cannabis plant. One of the most effective ways to control your plant’s growth is through pruning. Pruning ticks all the boxes if you want to increase yield, delay the onset of flowering, promote lateral branching, and limit your plant's size. Why You Need to Prune Your Cannabis Plant Pruning refers to the process of cutting small, specific sections of a plant. It is done to encourage the healthy growth of plants. At the basic level, pruning helps to get rid of growth that is unproductive, damaged, or blocking light from...
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