How To Take Magic Mushrooms

How To Take Magic Mushrooms
How to take magic mushrooms differs person to person. Some people believe in eating them fresh as any other mushroom. Others like to take magic mushrooms dried, and chew them as is. Others can’t stand the taste of dried shrooms, and they will do all sorts of things to mask its awful flavors.

How To Take Magic Mushrooms Masking The Bad Taste

To mask the bad taste of magic mushrooms, you can just grind the dried shrooms into a powder and mix it up with orange juice. Others mask the taste with spoonfuls of peanut butter. Some people just pour them on a slice of pizza and eat them that way. Everyone has their own preference covering up the bad taste of their shrooms.

How To Take Magic Mushrooms To Kick In Fast

You take magic mushrooms on an empty stomach with juice from a lemon. This pulls out the psilocybin the fastest so your trip will start almost immediately. This can cause some people to have an upset tummy. But it’s great if your in a hurry to get the part started and you won’t have to deal with all the anxiety waiting for them to kick in, which many people dislike.

How To Take Shrooms So You Tummy Does Get Upset

The best way to avoid an upset tummy from eating magic mushrooms is to make shroom tea. If you still notice an upset tummy you may need to eat solid foods with your tea, but this will slow down when the shrooms start to work. How To Take Magic Mushrooms 

Mushroom Anxiety Is A Big Deal

It doesn’t matter if you dose large or small, taking a dose that you didn’t anticipate can cause mushroom anxiety. Some researchers believe your experience tripping on magic mushrooms is more spiritual and positive taking a strong dose the first time instead of taking too little then waiting, then taking some more than waiting again for them to work.

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  1. Chocolate spread , mushrooms on bread did the trick for me.


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