What makes a seed bank safe to order from online

  • October 22, 2020
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Seed bank safety

We help make ordering seeds online safe and privacy focused. Even in a world where cannabis is being legalized more and more, we take cautious steps to ensure your cannabis seed orders remain for your eyes only.
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How to Order Cannabis Seeds Online Safely

What makes a seed bank safe to order from online and get your order delivered discretely? It is not legal to buy cannabis seeds in all countries, so make sure you know your country’s drug laws before buying cannabis from an online seed bank. It’s not risky business buying cannabis seeds online if you buy from a reputable seed bank. Trying to work out the difference between the good seed banks and the scammers online can be a hit and miss business. There’s not much you can do once you have paid your money and your parcel fails to arrive. Or worse, the seeds you receive are not what you expected. There are ways to protect yourself and still buy good quality seeds safely online. ordering seeds online safe Here are some tips to ordering seeds online safe in 2020. We want to help keep you safe and help you buy from a seed bank that will deliver what you buy. What makes a seed bank safe to order from online is your due diligence.

Do your research

Before deciding to buy from a cannabis seed bank use Google to research the website and its reputation. There are a lot of legitimate seed banks, but there are also a lot scams. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Many competitor seed banks will post poor reviews of legitimate seed banks. There is so much disinformation and fake reviews, it’s almost imposible to sift through.

Ordering seeds online safe from well established seedbank

Be sure your seedbank has been in business for a long time, if they were not a safe place to order marijuana seeds from online, they would not last very long. BC Seeds has been actively selling online through its website since the year 2000, that’s even before many of you of legal drinking age today, were even born. That’s a very long time to be in business in the cannabis world. It says something about our reputation, and we are here to serve our customers with a long time frame, we want our business to stay in the family for many many generations to come. We love you, our customers, you’re the greatest people on Earth and we owe everything to you. It’s so nice running a business and enjoying daily interactions with such cool people with great mindsets!

Sift Through Misinformation

What makes a seed bank safe to order from online. The misinformation can be impossible to sort through. Scam seed banks will even advertise in main stream media and magazines. The magazines protect their advertising revenues helping to promote inferior products. Would you rather buy from a seed bank that uses it money to breed better strains through research and development or a seed bank that spends it’s money on advertising? It’s best to shop by word of mouth but even your friends might not know that there is better. Friends always want to help even though their experiences may not be the most informed.

Find a legitimate cannabis seed seller

When trying to find a legitimate cannabis seed sellers online, check out how long they have been around. Look online for public comments about their customer service from people that are verified purchasers. They’re is so much bad mouthing from people that have never even made a purchase, let alone grew their seeds. Avoid counterfit seeds, many seed banks claim to sell our strains even a day after we release it. How is it possible to grow counterfit seeds if they are one day on the market? The answer is, it’s not possible. So if you want authentic BC Seeds, you can only be ordering seeds online safe from this website.

How many complaints are legitimate?

How many complaints have been made about them? Just remember, every company has complaints against them of some sort. Things can always go wrong. It’s how the company deals with problems that’s important. Most people are quick to complain rather than compliment. For every complaint there are usually 1000 satisfied customers that do not post their positive experiences. That number is probably even higher. You’ll find people have a lot to say about the scams. Check out what people in forums and review sites have to say. Ask questions before you decide who to buy from. You want to know if people received their order from a website and whether the seeds were of a high quality.

Be secretive

The best way to get caught is to tell your friends what you are doing. When buying cannabis seeds do not tell anyone. If you want to order cannabis seeds online safely, keep your orders a secret. How do you expect someone else to keep your secret if you cannot keep it yourself? Learn to keep your mouth shut about what you are doing. Be secretive. This not only protects your privacy, it protects those close to you.

Choose a discreet payment method

Credit cards are the most common form of payment. Make sure the data for the purchase does not show you bought cannabis seeds. You can find this information out by looking in the frequently asked questions page. If you are still not sure, contact the website’s customer service to ask your questions. BC Seeds does not have any mention of seeds on your credit card statement. Most seed purchases will always show up as a souvenir or T-Shirt purchase on your Credit Card Statement. Many people try to use a prepaid visa card for their online purchases, but these often don’t get approved by the seed banks merchant. Seed purchases are often put through business purchases as another item, like a Canadian Souvenir Shop purchase. So it’s very safe to use your everyday credit card to purchase online. You’ll most likely run into trouble using a prepaid Visa or Credit Card. Cash is always king and you’ll normally get the best freebies and extra’s when paying by cash or even better, by BitCoins. Some seed banks take Bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin is a digital payment method that guarantees your privacy. This is the most secure way to pay. It’s also the fastest as sending cash by mail takes extra time. Many seed banks offer decent discounts for BitCoin purchases and it’s the best way to pay for seeds online. Your everyday use credit card is the next easiest.

Seed delivery – What makes a seed bank safe to order from online

Getting the seeds delivered is easy with today’s latest stealth methods. It is a good idea to get them sent to only you because loose lips sink ships. Seed banks can ship seeds inside all sorts of things to disguise the contents of the parcel. No matter how you get your parcel delivered, make sure you use the stealth option if it’s available. If you don’t have the extra cash for stealth, don’t fear, you won’t get in trouble if they are confiscated. Because in order to properly charge you, they would need to grow the actually seeds for 3 month, spending money on nutrients, lights and gardeners. Then they would have to test them for THC. This takes tons of money, man power and time. It will never happen. They just remove the seeds from your package and send a letter that something in your mail was removed because it was not allowed. Even if they were just rose flower seeds you were getting sent, they would do the same. You won’t get flagged or have anything documented because their is no proof without the THC report after growing all your seeds.

International Delivery is still Very Fast in 2020

Keep in mind international delivery can now be faster than domestic delivery. Air mail travels faster than trucks. Even during the lock downs in 2020, delivery times are not really affected. Mail delivery systems in first world countries are a smooth operating machine. When buying seeds in bulk, it may be a good idea to break your order into several deliveries when ordering large amounts. But most legit seed banks offer you a 100% delivery guarantee, so it’s not necessary. If you have no guaranteed delivery, it makes sure that if something gets lost then not all of the order is lost at one time.

Buy female cannabis seeds

Buying female cannabis seeds simply makes sense. You may think you are saving money buying the males, but in the long run they will save you heaps of money. Plus you need to get send less seeds in the mail because you won;t be using the male seeds to grow sinsemilla buds.

Mask your contact details

Don’t use a return address on the envelope, just be certain you used more than enough postage and the destination address is 100% correct. This way no one scans your letter on the outside for data storage later. Stay safe and anonymous. No one is allowed to open your letter except to the person you’re sending it too. But they can collect data on the outside of the envelope to be used against you. What makes a seed bank safe to order from online is now public knowledge.
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  1. I have read your article. I agree with most of it. But my question is, why have I not over a six month period been able to get PC seeds to reply to a single email that I have sent to them ? I have had issues placing orders on your site, and your site will refer me to a different site. All I have asked of your company is to answer to simple questions over the last six months. And you guys have not taken the time to reply to one Of my questions. You have three strains I have been trying to purchase from you. So after reading your article I guess I am more confused than ever. Because we did do our research and you came out on top . But then I am treated like a nobody, because nobody with your company will answer and email. The only thing you have been consistent on with me is sending me the newsletters. I appreciate those, but what I really wanted was 3 strains of your seeds. I wish somebody with your company would reply to my email which is already attached to this comment so I can get my seats. Thanks

    • If we are sold out of your strain, you will be redirected to a seed bank that has stock. The insane demand for our genetics has surpassed our ability to supply the current demand. We realize you’re eager to get the strains you want, but the waiting list is currently very long. We hope to get enough stock by Spring 2018. We are all working very hard to get stock level back up so each and everyone who wants our genetics, may obtain them.


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