Trimming Cannabis Plant: What Should You Know?

Trimming Cannabis Plant What Should You Know

Trimming Cannabis Plant: What Should You Know? No matter what kind of cannabis seeds you buy, you’ll want to properly care for your plant. One important step in learning how to grow cannabis is learning to trim your plants. This step serves a variety of purposes and it is so important that we created a whole article to walk you through it. Before we start on how to trim your cannabis plants though we are going to take a look at why you need to trim them.

Why You Should Trim Cannabis Plants?

Cannabis is a wonderful plant that can give a lot back to you. First, you’ll have to trim your plants to remove dead and dying leaves. This keeps your plant healthier and avoids pests and other problems. It also works to make less harsh smoke and more uniform moisture during the curing process. You’ll also improve the aesthetic of your plants by trimming its leaves, creating a more uniform appearance.

When You Should Trim Your Cannabis Plants?

You are going to want to trim the plants throughout their life to get rid of dead leaves and help maintain their life. When you grow marijuana you will learn that cannabis is unique in the fact that you’ll only want to start trimming the plant when it is coming close to harvest time. You can start around several weeks before harvest time as this is when the larger leaves on the marijuana plant start to die.

Machine Trimming?

If you look at large scale marijuana grows you might notice that they use fancy machine trimmers to help make the process quicker and easier. These trimming tools are quite expensive. As a small grower, you don’t need them. A hand trimming tool will work just fine. When trying to pick your hand trimming tools, you’ll want to find a quality trimmer that is sharp. You don’t want a trimmer that will get through one harvest and lose its sharpness.

Wet Trimming Vs Dry Trimming

Two opposing methods of trimming exist. The first method is known as wet trimming and occurs when the plant is alive and growing. This allows you great access to the buds as there is still moisture in the leaves. It also enables your buds to dry faster. The other option is dry trimming which is done after the marijuana has dried and allows for easier trimming as the buds are less sticky. With less stickiness, your shears will keep their sharpness for longer. Either method works and it depends on your preference and philosophy.

Tools You Might Need

Every grower finds their own process when it comes to trimming their cannabis plants and as such, they find different tools that work for them. In general, the following tools will help you to get the most out of your trimming experience.

• High-quality Trimming Shears

• Trimmer Sharpeners

• Comfortable Seat

• Tray or Leaf Discard Area

• Cleaning Rag and Alcohol To Remove Resin from Shears

• Silk Clothes or Apron To Prevent Resin from Sticking

• Music, Television, or Other Entertainment

Trimming is a process that takes some time to master. Once you master the process it can be almost therapeutic. No matter how you end up trimming, it is a process that helps you get the most out of your cannabis plants and to have a better quality smoke. If we were to leave you with one tip when it comes to trimming, it takes your time and makes sure you get the process right.

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