How To Take Care Of Marijuana Plant?

How To Take Care Of Marijuana Plant

Marijuana plants are becoming more popular around the world as they become legal and more resources become available. Beyond the weed that you get from growing marijuana, you get the rewarding experience of growing marijuana yourself. Growing your own marijuana plants takes care and today we are going to take a look into the proper care for your cannabis plant.

Watering Needs for Growing Your Marijuana Plants

It isn’t hard to overwater cannabis plants so you should take great care when it comes to watering your marijuana. Cannabis plants rely on both wet and dry times and the best way to tell when the plant needs water is with the soil. Stick a finger into the soil to 2 inches, if the soil is dry, carefully water the plant. Additional signs of a marijuana plant that needs water include droopiness, yellowness/brownness, and a general look of lifelessness. When a plant is overwatered it may also appear lifeless but the leaves will be a dark green and the edges will curl.

After a while, you can learn to feel the weight of the plant and the pot to determine if it needs water. To help learn this, pick up your pot before and after you water so you get to feel the difference.

Nutrient Needs of Cannabis

Learning the proper nutrient needs of your plants can be complicated as different growing styles will require different levels of nutrients. Additionally, different nutrient mixtures are used in different amounts. The easiest way to learn how much nutrients your plants need involves starting with a lower than recommended solution of fertilizer and increasing the dose until the plant responds well. Do not lower the dose too much as this can result in the plant getting too little nutrients.

Paying attention to your marijuana grow is crucial, especially as you are learning how much nutrients your plants need. Check them out daily, if not twice a day.

Light Needs of Cannabis

There are two stages for the cannabis plant when it comes to light. The first stage is the vegetative stage in which the cannabis is working to grow bigger and only has stems/leaves. Provide at least 18 hours of light a day. During the vegetative stage of the cannabis plant, you will want growth. In the second stage, the plant is beginning to flower and near time to harvest. At this stage, you will want to provide 12 hours or more a day of darkness. There needs to be complete darkness to ensure the plant does not get confused about the cycle it is in.

Temperature for Growing

The temperature needs for marijuana may vary slightly between the species but the ideal temperature during the day time for the plants is somewhere between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. During the night cycle, the temperature should drop to simulate the normal drop in temperature at night. Circulating the air during the growing will help to maintain the plants but you don’t want air to blow directly on the plants. Also, the ideal humidity is 70% both to stimulate growth and to deter pests.

As you grow marijuana you will learn more of the needs of your plant. If we can pass on one tip when it comes to your growing it is that you should always pay attention to your plants. They will let you know what they need and learning to recognize those signals from the plants is essential. As a side note, it is also important to buy quality seeds in Canada. You need to ensure  that they have the best chance of thriving.

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