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Penis Envy Shrooms are for hard core trippers/shroomers. You may find yourself unable to function like a human when they kick in, and they kick in hard and fast. Not for a first time tripper/shroomer. You will find your body shrinking and your room becoming so gigantic, that you’re not in a forest, but running around inside your carpet on a magical quest. Time is very warped, sometimes 1 minute feels like 15. You have a higher chance for a bad trip because the visuals are so extreeme.


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Seasoned shroomers don’t have many problems with this strain other than the fact they are a bit more difficult to grow indoors, if you can’t find them in the wild. Do not try these alone. It is safest to have someone sober as your angel while your tripping in case you freak out. If you can handle looking at yourself in the mirror, go for it, you might just see a wizard or a demon, so be warned, you won’t recognize yourself. Don’t take if you are emotional, just had a break up, or some other type of emotion stress, the Penis Envy can exaggerate your negative feelings. Take only when you are in the best of spirits with your Sober Guardian Angel looking over you.

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  1. Dave White
    5 out of 5


    I’m very happy with these shrooms, it made my party memorable and me very popular at school.

  2. Doctor Puffs
    5 out of 5


    These look almost exactly as shrooms that grow wild in the Maritimes. We call em Maritimers. Are these the same? not sure but if so the buzz is crazy nuts. tons of visuals and a giggle trip that makes you laugh till you pee yourself and then laugh your ass off again because you just pissed yourself…

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