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History of Angkor Wat Shrooms

The history behind Angkor Wat Shrooms. An Italian Priest visited Angkor Wat in the 1200’s, and took part in eating them with other Priests and Monks. After his deep spiritual experience, he brought the mushrooms and their spores back to Rome. They managed to travel through Europe’s inner circles and on to Royalty in Portugal. A Portuguese sailor traded them for wine with a Spainish Captain who sailed them through the many islands of Java, leaving them to grow in what is now known as Indonesia. The spores had been returned back to South East Asia some 300 years later. This is where they were finally obtained and brought back to Vancouver Island by Mr. BC Seeds during his visit to Indonesia where he was looking for landrace cannabis strains. But as karma decided, he lucked out getting these magic mushroom spores but no local cannabis strains.

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Grow Angkor Wat Shrooms In Any Climate

Angkor Wat Shrooms have been growing for almost a thousand years in Tropical South East Asia, Southern Europe and Vancouver Island. This genetic edge allows them to grow easily in most countries around the world. In the cool forests of Canada to the dry mountains of California. The Rain forests around the Amazon and the dry heat of the Portuguese summers. BC’s Angkor Wat Shrooms will thrive.

Shrooms That Have Many Aliases

Angkor Wat Shrooms are a rare and specific offspring of Cambodian Psilocybe Cubensis. They are also known as Temple Trinity Shrooms, avatar Shrooms, Vishnu God Shrooms, Supreme Being Shrooms and Divine Architect Shrooms. Sometimes they are wrongfully called Cambodian Shrooms, which is a completely different strain.

Growing Angkor Way Shrooms

They’re very easy to grow and fruit. They love to grow on cat poop, cow manure and Concentrated Flour Substrate.They grow upto 11” tall and 3” wide but normally grow 8-9” tall with a well proportioned cap. If you’re looking for the largest fruiting magic mushroom strain, check out our Easy Elephant Shrooms. It’s the Shroom Cup winner.

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  1. Stacey Gassar
    5 out of 5


    I splurged for myself paying a whopping 300$, it was a gift to myself for my birthday. I have previous experience growing, and these darlings were a breeze, no issues. The trip is extraordinary and visual and longer than expected. For me it was worth the money, but I’d like to see them 1/2 off to buy again. Happy shroomin. Stacey.

  2. Sean Stearn
    5 out of 5


    Great trip, and I’ve been shrooming for four decades. Thanks for bringing these exotics back home to Canada for me.

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