Can cannabis cure hiccups?

We are just entering the golden age of cannabis research. Here is one of the latest discoveries that’s making headlines at the moment: Cannabis can cure hiccups. But unlike most of the cannabis research in the news today, the science behind this discovery dates back to the 1990s, when a patient suffering from chronic hiccups could only be cured with herbs. WHAT ARE CHRONIC HICCUPS? Let's be honest, we all get hiccups sometimes. A normal case of hiccups usually lasts a few minutes. However, some people suffer from severe and prolonged cases of hiccups that can eventually disrupt their daily...
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Cannabis terpenes: everything you need to know

Terpenes do not receive the attention they deserve. Without them, grass would be a dull, one-dimensional experience that would have to give up all the subtle smells and flavours that we have all come to know and love. Choosing grass without paying attention to the smell is a bit like choosing grass without THC and CBD. You just don't do it. Terpenes give different strains their unique flavours and have an impact on the effects each strain can produce. And here's everything you need to know about terpenes: Α-PINENE: A FRESH FIR SCENT. If your grass has a fresh, pinchy...
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Tips for growing more fragrant and tasty marijuana flowers

Cannabis plants use a variety of tactics to attract our attention. They give us a spectacular high, protein, antioxidants and delicious smelling buds. Today we will be looking at improving the smell and scent of cannabis. When we put our nose into a pot of buds, close our eyes and go inside, it's one of the best sensations in the world. If you follow the basic principles, your strains' aroma and taste can be improved quite easily. We will give you some important tips and tricks that will help you achieve intense results. CHOOSING THE RIGHT VARIETY There are a...
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What are flavonoids and are they good for you?

Have you ever looked closely at a beautiful cannabis flower and admired its dark purple hues? These bands of colour give the buds such a special look that it's hard to bring yourself to smoke them, although we're sure you will anyway. If you appreciate such details, you have the flavonoids to thank. And this doesn't just apply to the colour of the flowers, because flavonoids in general are fascinating compounds that perform a variety of functions. Although they are only small secondary plant compounds, they play an important role in various plants and foods. WHAT ARE FLAVONOIDS? To begin...
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Can CBD oil be addictive?

As the CBD becomes more and more popular, a question burns in many people's minds: Is the CBD addictive? Even after all these years, questions about the possible "addictive" potential of cannabis products have not disappeared. In fact, we know that heavy use of THC, for example, can lead to psychological dependence. In this context, we speak of cannabis dependence disorder, but there’s no significant physical dependence. This disorder doesn’t affect a large number of people (only one in ten users become addicted), but this number is large enough that some people wonder whether the same is true for the...
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