Learn Why Growing Cannabis Yourself is Getting so Popular

Learn Why Growing Cannabis Yourself Is Getting So Popular!
Growing cannabis is an excellent recreational hobby. Some do it as a medical tool and to save money. Legalization of marijuana makes it far easier to purchase, as you can walk into a dispensary and buy some. However, dispensaries have their drawbacks. Growing Cannabis is Better Than Dispensing Going to a dispensary often means paying a premium to get legal marijuana that has been grown to the strict requirements of the state that you are in. You are also limited to what strains you can get and to buying in cash as shops are not allowed to take debit or...
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Is Growing Your Own Weed Better Than Buying Weed?

Is Growing Your Own Weed Better Than Buying Weed
Growing weed is better than buying it on the streets. Now that more states are legalizing marijuana, it is becoming easier to buy in person. This brings up the question of whether you should grow your weed or should you move over to buying weed from a dispensary? We are going to take a look at the answer to that question today. Growing Your Own Marijuana Depending on where you live, it may be easy and legal to grow your marijuana. Despite the legality, people have been growing small amounts of weed from home for ages, it brings with it...
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The Costs of Producing the Worlds Strongest Strains

The Costs of Producing the Worlds Strongest Strains
The costs of producing the worlds strongest strains is considerably high. Obtaining the seeds from remote places, at the correct time of year.  Getting seeds in and out safely from many continents is time consuming, risky and costly. The costs of producing the worlds strongest strains Once rare landrace seeds are obtained, they need to be smuggled out of the country.  Once back to a technologically advanced country  they need to be bred for 10-30 years or even longer to produce a hybrid with wold-class traits. The long hours of physical labour, security, secrecy, it consumes your entire existence. It's...
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What Are The Benefits & Importance of Seed Bank?

What Are The Benefits Importance of Seed Bank
Having a trusted seed bank is vital. Growing marijuana at home can be quite fun and rewarding. It's now legal in Canada and some parts of the United States. Growing your own weed is on the rise. It's recently become the top hobby in Canada because of all the stress currently going on around the globe. It better to chill and focus on growing your plants than to be clued to the TV. Seed banks are the best resources for cannabis genetics You may wish to try some BC Bred Seeds. If you're interested in growing marijuana then you need...
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What Are Autoflowering Weed Seeds?

What Are Autoflowering Weed Seeds
What are autoflowering weed seeds and where to buy them. When you are first getting into growing marijuana it can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot to learn about the many cannabis strains. There are ruderalis landraces, feminized and even hybrid autoflowering genetics. Growing your own weed is a great experience. It's also very rewarding at harvest time. One popular question when it comes to growing your first marijuana is: what are autoflowering weed seeds? Some marijuana strains flower when they are exposed to a specific light cycle in the grow room. You control when they will start...
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