Psychedelic Companies: Everything You Need to Know About Investing

Psychedelic Companies
As the legal and cultural landscape is changing at a fast rate, several companies are already taking advantage of the moment to research on how to use psilocybin (magic mushrooms) or lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) for therapeutic and commercial purposes. In this article, we’ll show you all you need to know about investing in psychedelics and how to get started. Is it legal to invest in psychedelics? In Canada, yes, it is legal to invest in psychedelics. But you have to do that in companies that are granted a legal exemption by the Minister of Health to possess and use...
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New Psychedelic Drugs 2022

New Psychedelic Drugs 2022
The world is now experiencing a great surge of medicinal psychedelics. Several clinical researches have been showing the potential of psychedelics for mental and psychological illnesses. Well, that’s not surprising as humanity’s connection to psychedelic for medicinal and recreational use dates back thousands of years. Western medicine only studied and twigged the potential of psychedelics to enhance psychotherapy, particularly psilocybin and LSD, which are the active ingredients found in magic mushrooms. Many researchers working on psychedelics believe they are capable of breaking long-entrenched cycles and thought pattern associated with depression. In other words, psychedelics have the potential to “reset the...
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How to Become a Master Budtender

Best Quality to Become a Master Budtender
Working as a budtender in a marijuana dispensary is a different ball game. You are working as a retail employee, hence, it is important that you show strong work ethics, provide excellent customer service, and most likely adhere to some dress patterns. You can call a budtender a dealer in the marijuana industry, and for you to do well, you need to have a strong knowledge of cannabis. If you’re a master budtender, you will easily know different quality and grades of cannabis and determine if a product is safe for consumption or not. You can easily recommend products and...
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Tips to keep in mind when buying cannabis seed online in 2021

Tips for Buying Cannabis Seed Online in 2021
Most people now love to buy and cultivate their marijuana seeds as a way to become self-sufficient in their cannabis supply. Immediately you purchase all the necessary equipment for cultivating marijuana seeds, you’re good-to-go, as long as you keep to the right techniques of growing. The little challenge you might face is when you order your cannabis seeds online. It can be tricky at times, and you need to be careful to prevent a bad experience. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when buying cannabis seeds online in 2021: Choose the right seed. There are many varieties...
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Cannabis Dispensary Jobs: What you need to know

Cannabis Dispensary Jobs
The cannabis or marijuana industry is getting a lot of attention lately due to the huge medical potential of these substances. And now, you can easily find cannabis dispensary jobs everywhere you go. Currently, the searches for terms like marijuana, cannabis, and dispensary have more than quadrupled. “It is unclear how many jobs will be created and what skills would be required now that marijuana is legal”- Jennifer Ellis, human resources manager at Cronos Group – a medical marijuana company. Elis recorded that she had received lots of resumes for jobs at Cronos, but it has been difficult finding experienced...
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