Taking a look at the differences between regular and feminized seeds. If you are planning to grow the hottest of the hottest, then this knowledge is essential. We take a close look at each type of seed and their differences. We're here to clear up any misconceptions about the differences between regular and feminized seeds. Growers typically prefer one variety over the other due to its growing characteristics. Before we dive into the differences between regular and feminized seeds, we should understand the significant differences between the sexes. Cannabis plants can be either male, female, or bisexual. Male plants develop...
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With continued advances in medicine and pharmacology, the recent trend seems to favour the use of medical marijuana as a method of relieving the pain and muscle spasms suffered by people with multiple sclerosis and other diseases and conditions cause severe muscle spasms. Cannabinoids have been studied for a variety of neurological disorders with promising results. There is strong evidence that THC and CBD are able to treat muscle spasticity and neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis, although the medical community has not yet defined a clear role for cannabinoids or the treatment strategy for this condition. Worldwide, most patients who...
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How cannabis interacts with antidepressants?

Cannabis and antidepressants both promote happy brain chemicals and even create new brain cells. However, taking both drugs at the same time can lead to potentially dangerous interactions. Some antidepressants should not be mixed with cannabis, while others are much more compatible. Find out more below. Cannabis and mental health are controversial and sometimes paradoxical. Some cannabis smokers use weed to set their mood, and some even use weed to get out of bed in the morning. For others, cannabis causes paranoia and other mood disorders. There are conflicting views on cannabis and depression in public health. Some practitioners believe...
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This is how cannabis enters the body – Bioavailability

Whether you use cannabis and/or hemp products for medical or recreational purposes, you need to be aware of the bioavailability. The amount of THC that you can obtain and CBD amount is beneficial all depend on bioavailability. WHAT DOES BIOAVAILABILITY MEAN? Bioavailability is defined as follows: "The degree of availability of a drug or other substance to the target tissue after administration". An intravenous dose is considered 100% bioavailable. This is due to the fact that it is administered directly into the bloodstream. In hemp parlance, this means that bioavailability is related to the proportion of a dose absorbed by...
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What are the benefits of cannabis seeds?

Obviously, your chances of living healthy and happy for 100 years increase dramatically if you eat healthily and take care of yourself, both physically (exercise) and mentally (stress relief). Regular consumption of cannabis seeds or CBD can be of additional benefit to your health and body in general. Marijuana seeds are considered a super food. With cannabis seeds, you increase your chances of staying fit and healthy. It’s legal to order and buy cannabis seeds online in most of the world. If you want a wide variety of high-quality seeds, the best marijuana seeds can be found at BCSEEDS. Regular consumption...
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