Beware of blasted weed

Beware of blasted weed
Beware of blasted weed. Properly cured weed is a joy to smoke because it’s sweet and smooth to smoke, and has a good aroma. Good bud is sticky and sticks to your fingers when you break it up. It has a sweet aroma begging you to smoke it. Bad weed just crumbles to dust and has a nasty reek about it.

Beware of blasted weed

There appears to be talk of blasted weed sold through dispensaries in California. How true or not it is, who knows. Rumour has it cannabis are being pre-processed to extract the goodness. The waste is then put on the shelf and sold for the same price as the concentrate. Some claim this has become a common practice in some areas. You may have bought bad weed at some time so let’s look at what it is and how to avoid it.

Blasting weed

Blasting is when cannabis has a solvent like iso-alcohol or butane to extract the oil. Cannabis is stuffed into a glass tube and with butane forced through one end. It soaks into the cannabis and the oil concentrate comes out the other end of the tube. This process extracts the CBD and THC to make concentrates. And can leave a residue of the solvent in the concentrate that leaves a bad taste when smoked or vaped. Blasted weed is the cannabis waste left after going through this process.

How to tell blasted weed

To start with blasted weed is darker in colour and looks like poor quality weed. Smell it. Blasted weed does not smell like good dope. Instead of having a sweet clean aroma it can smell earthy or more like hay. And it tastes terrible. Not like good dope should taste. It leaves a disgusting taste in your mouth. There will be no trichomes in blasted weed. It will not be sticky. To test it, put your buds onto a piece of white paper. When you remove the main buds, you should have sticky kief left behind on the paper. Blasted weed will only leave dry plant matter behind. Another way to tell blasted weed is to put into a zip lock bag. The trichomes of well cured cannabis will stick to the sides of the bag. Blasted weed leaves the bag looking clean.

Smoking blasted weed

Smoking blasted weed sucks. There is nothing worse than looking forward to a session and no getting high. It tastes and smells bad, burns your throat and does not make you high. So you need to watch what you buy, even from legal sources because there are reports retailers are blasting their cannabis before curing them. They then on sell it to unsuspecting customers.

Dangers of blasted weed

The solvents used in the blasting process can be dangerous. There is no way of knowing the dangers of using blasted weed, but solvents like butane cannot be good for you. Likely side effects are headaches and it can leave you feeling nauseous. Long-term side effects can be respiratory, kidney and liver problems. Jason Porter Collinsworth has made a video about How to avoid buy blasted buds. It is worthwhile watching to get the low down on what is happening with blasted buds.   Beware of blasted weed  

Beware of blasted weed and know what you’re smoking

Beware of blasted weed and know what you’re smoking. The only way to do this is to grow your own from seeds. If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Grow organic so you have a healthier bud to consume.    
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  1. I vaporized for the first time blasted weed without knowing it was blasted, it burned my troath and tasted like shit, but it smelled a little good before smoking it, i did not get high only burned my troath.

  2. You offer a link how to avoid blasted weed but the video is private? I don’t understand


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