The legal and ethical considerations of using cannabis in the workplace

Cannabis in the Workplace
The Legal and Ethical Considerations of Using Cannabis in the Workplace. As a cannabis business owner with decades of experience, I have seen the laws and attitudes towards marijuana use in the workplace evolve. With 36 states legalizing medical marijuana and 15 states legalizing recreational use, the issue of cannabis in the workplace has become more complicated than ever. The Legal Problems of Using Cannabis in Certain Jobs Cannabis use can be problematic for certain jobs where safety is a top priority, such as driving children on a school bus, working in an airport as a traffic controller, and working...
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Cannabis and Sex. What you need to know

Cannabis and Sex
As an experience seed breeder and cannabis user, I'm diving into the exciting world of cannabis and sex. Come and exploring with me the tantalizing effects of THC and CBD on libido and sexual function. In this post, I'll uncover how cannabis can impact your sexual arousal, function, and intensify the experience of erogenous zones. But it doesn't stop there - we'll also look at the spiritual connection between partners and whether cannabis can enhance your desire to explore each other's bodies further. Buckle up and get ready for an adventure you won't forget. Impact of Cannabis on Sexual Arousal...
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Top Shelf Cannabis and Why You’re Better Off Spending More for the Good Stuff

Top Shelf Cannabis
Top Shelf Cannabis is worth the extra coin. As a wold famous breeder since the 1990's, I have had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of cannabis over the years. And there's one thing I can say with confidence - you get what you pay for. Today, I want to talk about better cannabis and why you're better off spending more for the good stuff. Top 3 Canadian Marijuana Strains from BC Seeds When it comes to premium cannabis, no one does it better than BC Seeds. Here are three of their most popular strains: Sky Heaven Bud Indica-dominant hybrid...
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Cannabis Tourism

Cannabis Tourism
Cannabis tourism is on the rise, with many traveler's looking to explore destinations where they can indulge in legal cannabis products. Pot tourism and the impact of cannabis Airbnb rentals, restaurants, food delivery services, sweets, and the hospitality industry. We dive into the green rush and how to make some green backs on the back of the green rush. People Love Cannabis As the world continues to embrace cannabis, the impact of this plant is being felt across various industries, including tourism and hospitality. I've personally explored the effects that cannabis has on tourism in my Vancouver Airbnb rentals. I...
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Cannabis Prohibition in the United States and Its Impact on Society

Cannabis Prohibition
The History of Cannabis Prohibition in the United States and Its Impact on Society. As the owner of BC Seeds, I feel it's important to examine the history of cannabis prohibition in the United States and how it has impacted society. It really blew my fuse when the government made cannabis out to be the devil. Cannabis was both demonized and criminalized, leading to significant problems in society and politics. Top 5 Problems Caused by Cannabis Prohibition: Increased Incarceration Rates Racial Injustice Limited Access to Medicinal Benefits Increased Black Market Activity Loss of Tax Revenue Increased Incarceration Rates Prohibition led...
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