Megaverse Salvia


Megaverse Salvia

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Megaverse salvia divinorum seeds. They’re the latest breakthrough breed of salvia divinorum for 2018. It’s leaps above and beyond any other trip on this Universe as we know it. Megaverse salvia is only bred by BC Seeds, and you won’t find a more sophisticated strain to alter your perception of reality as we know it. If you want to know things others will never know, nor understand, be warned. It can be difficult to convince others of your newly gained intelligence and insight into how the universes work.


Megaverse salvia divinorum seeds grow killer plants. It will take you out of your body and across parallel universes to the megaverse so you’ll have the most unique and bizzare out of body transcendance.

Megaverse Salvia Divinorum Seeds

Megaverse salvia seeds grow well in tough conditions. They can can typhoons and dry bouts. A real steady producer that is not susceptible to disease or pests. It’s one heck of a hearty strain that will trip you out of the planet and out of your mind.

 These Seeds Are Rare & Collectable

Any Salvia from any universe are very rare and collectable. It’s the most potent strain of salvia divinorum as of the first half of 2018.

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    Can you please email me about seeds I’m looking for some thanks mr bc!!

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