Ancient Chinese Cannabis Use

Ancient Chinese Cannabis Use
Ancient Chinese cannabis use proof. Here are some of the archaeological discoveries related to cannabis that have been made in the past. I find it funny that the Chinese were the oldest humans historically to use cannabis yet today they have made it very illegal. Almost no one in China smokes cannabis compared to the West.

The Ancient Roots of Cannabis Use: Discovery of Residue in Chinese Burial Sites from 2500 BCE

The discovery of cannabis residue in ancient Chinese burial sites dating back to 2500 BCE is a significant find that sheds new light on the history of cannabis use in the region. The discovery was made through chemical analysis of the contents of burners and other artifacts found in the tombs, which revealed the presence of cannabis alongside other herbs and plants. This suggests that the plant was not only used for medicinal purposes, but also possibly for ritual and spiritual purposes as well.

Long History of Cannabis in China

Given the long history of cannabis use in China and the continued interest in the plant’s therapeutic properties today, this discovery is an important reminder of the deep roots of cannabis use in Chinese culture and history. Let us never forget the ancient Chinese cannabis use and it is the real Ancient Chinese Secret we all hear about!  
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