The Best Cannabis Strains For Making Love

The best cannabis strains making love to your partner vary couple to couple. The most sought after strain by couples is our Love Buzz Bud. Cannabis can not only increase your mental and body senses to increase your pleasure, it also bonds you with your partner like when you ground yourself to the Universe. It touches you both deep inside your soul. Best Cannabis Strains Making Love  

The Best Cannabis Strains Making Love

The greatest pleasure in the world is two people whom are madly in love sharing a well rolled joint. What happens next is time-frozen foreplay which is all raw and natural without any needed practice beforehand. Their electrical touches untap each others primal insticts to caress, cuddle and kiss.

You’ll Remember Your First Time Doing It High For The Rest of Your Life

The first time you make love while stoned is really when you lose your virginity. It’s such a magical moment, that you’ll remember your first time in great detail for the rest of your life.

G-Spots Are Fictional

A womens g-spot is not hidden in some deep dark place that’s hard to reach or hard to find. It’s easily visible for all to see. It’s her ears, and to learn how to use it, you must be a magician with words. Men on the other hand don’t have such a large g-spot. The way to his heart is through his stomach, cooking marijuana edibles. But the next closest thing to get the attention of your man is through your eyes. A women can say so much with an instant glance. Imagine all the love she can send you with a 30 second stare.

Your Skin Holds Secrets, Every Inch of It

Every square inch of skin holds a secret and getting high while learning these secrets is a great past time that never gets boring.

Play Music You Both Enjoy

You can play music from any genre, depending on what you both feel connected to. It can be top 40 pop, it can be nature sounds. Some couples love the sound of drums beating as it gets into tune with their own hearts pounding. Just remember the more connections you share together, the better your experience.

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