Best Outdoor Grow Places Australia

  • February 20, 2017
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Best outdoor grow places Australia. Looking for somewhere to grow in Australia, it’s really easy. Australia is almost the size of America. A vast island nation relatively unpopulated with many remote desert and bushland areas. Beautiful weather at different times of the year make it an ideal place to grow outdoors in almost any area of the country.

Best Outdoor Grow Places Australia

What is difficult is that marijuana, its use and cultivation is illegal. So, growing outdoors, no matter where you are, is a great risk. Especially, in an age of drones popping up over fences and scanning bushland. Growing season starts in October, depending on the seasonal temperatures of the particular area. In Queensland, for example, the growing season is longer because of the temperate climate. Outdoor crops usually hit the streets starting in March. Best outdoor grow places Australia So you want to grow your own. Be warned. Security is your biggest consideration when choosing where to grow your cannabis outside. It will need to be in an isolated area and you need to make sure that if it is discovered it cannot be traced back to you. Choose your grow spot wisely. Keep it away from areas popular to other users such as hikers. Some people use a greenhouse type structure to hide the type of plants growing from prying eyes. You may even use your garden. Here are some ideas of areas for outdoor cannabis growing.

Out bush

Growing cannabis in the bush is one of the best places. You need to find an area that has good sunlight with a water source close by that is not close to tracks or roads. You may have to carry water in or have it pumped using a mile or two of hose the closest river, this is ideal for security because the police will be searching along the water source not a mile or two away. Many millionaires have been made in Australia simply because they invested in a good water pump and two miles of hose.

In a rainforest

Rainforest areas are in the best climates in Australia. You can get longer grow times with up to three crops a year because of the tropical weather all year around. There can be relatively easy access to isolated grow areas off the beaten tourist track. Water should not be such a big problem because of the natural humidity. Though you may have to carry it or pump it in if there is no regular water close by. There is most risk involved in carry water in, make sure you have a good excuse like you lost your dog and he needs water and you were scared of getting lost and you wanted a safe water supply. Hopefully you can come up with something better like its needed for the car radiator, and you took a shortcut and got lost in the forest.

On a river bank

Riverbanks make good growing sites as you can grow among the tall growth and you do not have to worry about water. You will not have to visit often and, if you pick an isolated spot that is difficult to get to, it’s more unlikely to be discovered if they are grown far apart from each other.

In a paddock

This may sound crazy, but growing cannabis out in the open can work. You just need to ensure there are other plants growing around them to camouflage the cannabis plants. Choose a location with difficult access and plant your seeds among other bush plants to hep disguise them as they grow.

Among a crop

Crops such as corn and cane can be ideal cannabis growing areas. Make sure you space the plants out throughout the crop to deter them from being found. Having a lot of plants in one spot can make them easy to spot from the air.

In your garden

Many people grow their plants in the backyard. This can be an ideal solution as you are always close at hand to monitor their growth. Do not plant too close to fencelines as the smell may waft into their yard as the plant grows. Many home growers plant them in the open and place fake plastic pink flowers to make it look like a plant that grows flowers, almost like roses. Visitors won’t give them a second look.

On the patio

Grow cannabis in pots on your patio or balcony. Make sure the plants are not visible to your neighbours. You may have to put up some sort of screen to stop people from being able to seen into the area. Plants will get good sunlight and they are portable. You can move your plants when you need to.

On your roof

Rooftop terraces are another great place to grow a couple of plants for personal use. They have access to full sun and water will not be a problem. Just make sure your terrace is not overlooked by other buildings.

Abandoned building roof

You may not have access to your own rooftop terrace. Find an abandoned building with access to the roof to set up a secure grow area. Make sure it is unused or your crop could be discovered. Water maybe a problem so be prepared to carry it in. Your best outdoor grow places Australia offers could be your roof. Blend with other plants and place plastic flowers on your cannabis plants to make them look like flowers. No one will give them a second look. Where and how you choose to grow cannabis outside, it is up to you to make the right choices for you and your situation. The most important things you need for success is nutrient rich soil, water, sun, easy access in a safe area. Remember that the growing and use of marijuana is still illegal in Australia. Keep your mouth shut and never tell anyone about your best outdoor grow places Australia is hiding for you. Check your state legislation for specific details in your state. We do not want anyone to break their local laws, this information is provided for entertainment purposes only. Do your research for your best outdoor grow places Australia offers you. You may need to access the grow location often.  
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