Cannabis Fashion Trends 2017

  • April 2, 2017
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Cannabis Fashion Trends

It is hardly the thing you expect, but new products have made a huge hit in cannabis fashion trends 2017. While the image of a pot smoker is hardly related to high fashion with their long hair and non-descript clothes. More and more the myth of the stereotypical image is going up in smoke. It is not uncommon for professionals to toke at the end of a hard day. It is a new trending thing with greater acceptance.

Fashion Designers Smoke Weed For Creativity To Create New Cannabis Fashion Trends

The fashion industry is full of creative people who like a smoke. It helps their creativity. With the legalisation of medical cannabis in Canada and eight states of the US (with more states and countries to follow), legal cannabis companies are looking for creative ways to brand their products. Canada stands at the brink of legalising cannabis for recreational use too, so being creative with cannabis has lost much of its previous negative stigma. Some believe it is only a matter of time until the US legalises pot federally too.

Creative Opportunities with Cannabis

Cannabis has had a hard road classified alongside hard drugs (like cocaine and heroin) by some world governments. Denying their people access to a natural plant with many medicinal properties. As well as the recreational use it has for people who enjoy it at the end of the day. Thus, creating an underground market pushing it into the realm of the criminal element. Instead governments pushed free use of alcohol full of chemicals and who really knows what. They created a huge legal alcohol problem, earning squillions of dollars for the alcohol corporations that communities around the world are now paying for. Cannabis Fashion Trends With greater acceptance, everyone can see the size of the market. Cannabis companies are looking for new, bright, creative ways to market their cannabis products. They do not want their products associated with the laidback, unkempt image of pot smokers.

Famous People Declare Their Love For Weed

The fashion industry cashing in on the legalisation of medical cannabis is far reaching. It is more than just using a cannabis leaf on materials or clothing. A whole new world of accessories such as stylish vaporisers and smoking pipes is opening up with world-famous people declaring their own love of weed. Canada’s President Justin Trudeau stands on the verge of leading the Liberal Party into legalising cannabis federally. He is stylish good-looks and he has promised to legalize marihuana by July 1st, 2018, false or not. Stating a pro stance on cannabis lets his people know he is in step with the rest of the world unless he just lying for more votes. Throughout his election campaign, he talked about getting to work on legalising cannabis right away. Then you have the style queens Miley Cyrus and Rihanna who let the world know exactly who they are. It seems there is nothing they hide giving a new meaning to style.

Better Packaging for Cannabis Products

Cannabis marketing falls right into the realm of wholefood marketing where products are organic, nontoxic, and handled and produced by hand with care. You can see that with premium cannabis chocolates and beauty care products in stunning packaging.

Boon market for cannabis accessories

At the artisan level of pot use, you can liken it to the wine, chocolate or coffee connoisseur. They expect top level, stylish presentation and branding to give them the overall ‘experience’ of the best. Creating a billion-dollar market for pot accessories. Stylish vaporisers, atomisers, lighters, storage solutions for your stash and pipes are hitting the streets and trending. A Toronto fashion industry professional said she grew up with pot friendly parents. She enjoys the ritual that comes with enjoying cannabis. She has an assortment of beautiful pot smoking accessories like a 1920s-silver etched lighter and mother-of-pearl inlaid cigarette case from the 1950s. Though she draws the line at wearing clothes adorned with pot leaves believing it to be “so tacky”.

Marijuana Legalization is Unstoppable

With Canada set to jump on to the pot legalisation bandwagon, with new laws expected later this year, more and more people are getting creative. Soon the rest of the world will follow. A cannabis industry can be good for a country’s economy. But, currently the action is in Canada who plans to give its people what they want. and the people want more cannabis fashion trends, anything new and cutting edge. These days’ pot style designs are much more than creating fun, recreational experiences. Its value as a medicinal product is being recognised throughout the world. With governments starting to see how the benefits can outweigh the negatives. Many patients are turning to medical cannabis as an alternate medicine as well as part of their lifestyles. And, fashion and style follow the trends.    
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