Cannabis Storage

Cannabis Storage
Cannabis Storage. Everything you need to know about storing your buds for the long term. When you grow bid buds, you won’t be able to smoke them all, so you’ll need to store it right. I will tell you everything you need to know about storing cannabis for 6 month to a year and longer!

The Art of Storing Cannabis: Can You Store it for a Long Time and Still Smoke it?

As the owner of BC Seeds, it is my mission to educate and inform our readers on all things cannabis. Today, we are going to tackle an important question: can you store cannabis for a long time and still smoke it? Cannabis can be stored for several months and even up to a year, but its quality will depend on various factors such as the storage conditions and the type of storage container used. Here are some key points to keep in mind:
  • Cannabis should be stored in an airtight container
  • The container should be made of a material that does not interact with the cannabis
  • The temperature should be below 50 F (10C) or below freezing (recommended)
  • The relative humidity (RH) should be between 55% and 62%
  • The container should be stored in a dark, cool place

Proper cannabis storage containers

The use of proper storage containers is critical for preserving the quality of your cannabis. Airtight containers prevent air exposure and protect the cannabis from oxidation, which can cause a loss of potency and flavour. The material used to make the container is equally important. Some materials can react with the cannabis and cause it to deteriorate faster.

Does THC degrade when stored?

When storing cannabis for an extended period, the THC level will degrade. The amount of degradation will depend on several factors, including temperature, humidity, and air exposure. For example, if you store cannabis at room temperature (68°F-77°F) with 55-62% relative humidity, you can expect the THC level to degrade by approximately 10% over the course of a year.

Long term storage of cannabis

Long-term storage of cannabis can also lead to the growth of white fuzzy mold. Mold thrives in moist environments, so it is important to keep the relative humidity in the ideal range. If you notice any signs of mold, it is best to discard the affected buds and take steps to prevent mold from growing in the future, such as using a humidifier or dehumidifier to regulate the relative humidity.

Tips for Storing Cannabis for Long-Term Preservation

  • Store cannabis in an airtight container
  • Choose a container made of a material that does not interact with the cannabis
  • Keep the temperature below 50 F (10 C)
  • Maintain a relative humidity of 55-62%
  • Store the container in a dark, cool place
  • Use a hygrometer to monitor the relative humidity
  • Keep the container away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid exposing the cannabis to air
  • Keep the container away from strong odours
  • don’t open and close the container, this will cause a rise in humidity and mold

Final thoughts about long term storage of cannabis

It’s possible to store cannabis for a long time and still smoke it, but it requires proper storage conditions and the use of appropriate containers. By following the tips outlined in this post, you can ensure that your cannabis stays fresh and potent for months to come. Want to learn more about cannabis storage? Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the world of cannabis.
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