Cannabis Tourism Hotspots Around the Globe

Cannabis Tourism Hotspots Around the Globe
Amsterdam is renowned for its coffee shops, where cannabis is legally sold and consumed. Tourists flock to these establishments to experience the unique cannabis culture that has thrived in the city for decades.

Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver is a trailblazer in legalizing recreational cannabis. The city boasts numerous dispensaries and cannabis-friendly hotels, making it a prime destination for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a welcoming environment.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver is celebrated for its vibrant cannabis culture and stunning natural beauty. The city offers cannabis tours and a plethora of dispensaries, providing visitors with ample opportunities to explore and indulge.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere and craft cannabis culture. The city is home to a multitude of dispensaries, catering to both locals and tourists looking to experience the best of Oregon’s cannabis scene.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is famous for its private cannabis clubs, where members can consume cannabis in a social setting. The city’s unique approach to cannabis regulation has made it a popular destination for cannabis tourists from around the world.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay was the first country to legalize cannabis, offering a fascinating perspective on cannabis culture. Montevideo, the country’s capital, provides tourists with an opportunity to explore this progressive approach to cannabis regulation.


Jamaica is synonymous with reggae music and a laid-back vibe, making it an ideal destination for cannabis tourism. The country offers cannabis tours and experiences, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Jamaica’s rich cannabis culture.

California’s Emerald Triangle

California’s Emerald Triangle is renowned for its outdoor cannabis farms and breathtaking countryside. The region offers tours and tastings, providing tourists with a unique opportunity to explore this iconic cannabis-growing region.

Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle is renowned for its thriving cannabis scene, with numerous dispensaries and cannabis-friendly establishments. The city’s progressive approach to cannabis regulation has made it a popular destination for cannabis enthusiasts.

Colorado’s Pueblo County

Pueblo County in Colorado is known for its cannabis-friendly accommodations and picturesque views. The county’s scenic beauty and welcoming attitude towards cannabis make it an ideal destination for cannabis tourists looking to relax and unwind.
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