How Can You Make a Perfect Sesh from Your Marijuana Plant?

How Can You Make a Perfect Sesh from Your Marijuana Plant?
You require very few things to make a sesh section successful. Some of them are:
  • The marijuana
  • The bong to smoke the marijuana in
  • A room with nice music preferably
  • The friends to smoke with
Getting the friends to smoke with and other minor requirements are easy, however getting the perfect marijuana plant strain to give out that relaxation vibe for your sesh section isn’t. Marijuana is an amazing plant with great benefits and beautiful effects that can help you heal, relax, socialize, boost mental focus and up your creativity levels. And depending on which marijuana strain you take, you can fully enjoy these benefits while seshing. Seshing is an age long tradition that has been in practice long before marijuana was fully legalized across different states in America. This session involves sharing weed with your friends as you guys get stoned. Seshing is a time for relaxation, pleasure, drifting of the mind and freeing of the imagination as you all socialize and enjoy each others company. Therefore, the kind of marijuana plant strain best used for this smoking session should be a strain with the relaxation characteristics.

Finding The Perfect Marijuana Strain Best For Seshing

Now that you understand that not all marijuana strain gives you that relaxation and blissful drift of the mind, we must now talk about how to find out those strains that do and are also perfect as sesh marijuana. One of the most important factor to look for while searching for that relaxation marijuana strain to plant is the THC and CBD ratio. This plays an important role because high level of THC present in the marijuana will make you more active, quickening your mind and making you restless. While the CBD compound does the opposite. Finding the perfect balance between the THC and CBD ratio is important in order to get that perfect relaxation weed for your sesh. Indica Strains: The indica strains are regarded as the best marijuana strain for sesh smoking. This weed strain has the perfect THC to CBD ratios, thereby producing that relaxation effect. Other Strains: You can also find other strains like Sativa or an engineered Hybrid strain genetically engineered to have that perfect THC to CBD ratio in order to produce that sesh session vibe you are looking for

Our List Of Top Sesh Strains

Weather you prefer an indica dominant, sativa dominant or hybrid seed strain, here is a list of the top 10 marijuana strains ranked as the beat for recreational smokers that will give you that chill and pleasure making your sesh session the best.
  1. Bubba Kush
  2. Grape Ape
  3. Blackberry Kush
  4. OG Kush
  5. Purple Kush
  6. Granddaddy Purple
  7. Blue Dream
  8. Girl Scout Cookies
  9. Gorilla Glue 4
  10. Blueberry Kush
Your final decision will vary based on your taste and preference. Once you decide on the perfect kush strain for your sesh you can easily get the seeds from a reputable breeder in person or online. Plant, water and harvest then you are ready to begin your sesh section.
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