How To Choose The Right Cannabis Seeds For You?

  • November 22, 2022
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Cannabis seeds

How to choose the right cannabis seeds for you with all the choices in the seed catalogue. Medical use of cannabis has made choosing the right strain a challenge. The discovery of the therapeutic virtues of cannabis has made its production increase and diversify considerably in a few years. Today, there are a multitude of varieties of cannabis seeds with specific characteristics. Let’s find the best strains for your needs!

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Find the kind of cannabis strain do you need

So, if you want to grow your own cannabis, the choice of seeds must be done with care. It must take into account the type, the family and the possibilities of acclimatization of the seed as well as the use for which it is intended. Because you need to know which strains grow outdoors, moreover you need to know which strains to grow that match your skillset.

• Considering the type of seedwhat is the best cannabis strain to grow

When choosing the cannabis seed, thinking about the type of the seed allows us to obtain plants of great quality. Generally, it is possible to choose regular seeds, feminized seeds or self-flowering cannabis seeds.

Choose Natural or Feminized Seeds

The regular seeds are those which allow to obtain plants having a phenotype of great quality. It is appropriate precisely for the experienced producers because of the uncertainty on the sex of the plants which will be known only with the bloom. Indeed, the more you will have male plants, the less your harvest of grass will be important.

Very recommended for the cultures inside, the feminized seeds of cannabis make it possible to maximize the number of female plants to the harvest. It is in fact very appreciated by the producers beginners, because this type of seed facilitates the forecast and the management of the cultural space.

This is why Auto Seeds are best for you

If you want to obtain more herbs in less time despite difficult climatic conditions, self-flowering seeds are to be preferred. This type of seed guarantees a fast flowering of the plant and a harvest between 8 and 12 weeks after germination. It resists even the extreme winter temperatures and is de facto the most adapted to the cultures outside. If you want to know more, you can consult our article titles: Different types of cannabis seeds.

• Choose the seed according to the variety and production expectations

Cannabis seedsTo produce cannabis with the height of your waitings, it is important to refine the choice of the seed by taking into account its variety. Two great varieties are to be distinguished: the variety indica and the variety sativa.

Problems with choosing Sativa strains

If you wish to serve a clientele adept of the effects “high”, your choice must be carried on the variety sativa. Its consumption produces an invigorating and euphoric cerebral reaction because of its high THC content.

By choosing this variety of seed, you will provide energetic herbs for your users. The only drawback is that it has a relatively long flowering time that can range from 75 to over 120 days.

Why Indica strains are popular to choose

The variety indica is known for its effect “stone”, i.e. relaxing thanks to the rate of CBD present. It remains very appreciated by the market for its virtues on stress and sleep. Its time of very short bloom and the lightning quantity of herbs obtained with this variety of seed generally slow down your optimized output of production. Depending on your job, of course! Some musicians swear by smoking Indica strains to help with creativity. Moreover if you need energy to clean a house you may want to toke on some speedy sativa strains instead.

Tips for successfully choosing the best seed

To better refine your search for the best seed that meets your needs, it is important to clearly define your expectations. To do so, you must specify:
  • the type of crop (indoor or outdoor) you want to grow;
  • the expected flowering time (short or long);
  • the high or stone effect of your herbs;
  • and the production of herbs (massive or not) wanted.
  • It is also possible to orient the choice on the desired flavour and aroma of your herbs.


Just as you need to consider the type of cannabis seed to be able to make a good choice and thus produce cannabis up to your expectations, it is also important that your choice depends on the variety and the expectations of the production clearly defined. So enjoy your journey into cannabis and all its benefits for you. If you need any help with finding the right cannabis strain, just contact us.
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