How To Grow Cannabis Discreetly?

  • June 9, 2020
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How To Grow Cannabis Discreetly?
Learn how to grow cannabis discreetly. Cannabis has various forms and is used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Many people find it difficult to buy it due to its heavy costs and stringent legal issues associated with it. Many also don’t trust Government weed and the chemicals they use to fertilize their subpar genetics. Remeber cannabis is something you usually inhale into your lungs. And with the current pandemic, cannabis smokers are taking no chances and strictly growing their own weed. It’s safer because you know what you’re putting into your body and in these stressful times, cannabis can help many. This results in people turning towards growing cannabis on their own to get the right value of money. Growing cannabis may bring along legal complications and social stigma. You may only grow so many plants or none at all, depending on your country and local laws. Growing cannabis can be troublesome because of your neighbors. Maybe a delivery driver or someone else finds it out and places you in a bind. You can always grow cannabis discreetly by following these simple tips given below. Growing marijuana discreetly will not only make it easier for you to work on your plants in peace but also enjoy its benefits without complications. This is how you grow cannabis discreetly

Arrest The Odour!

You may already know this but still, let’s get it out again. Every strain of marijuana has a unique smell. Some strains have a mild smell and some produce a skunky smell. Also, the smell increases significantly during the flowering phase. You have to be very careful during the harvesting stage as the smell produced by the strains would be extremely high. So, what do you do? The obvious thing, reducing the smell! But how? Make sure to choose the right strain if you are living in a wall-to-wall neighborhood. Avoid choosing the strains that produce repugnant smell. Also the room you’re growing your marijuana should have good carbon filters that act as smell-arrester. Make sure that your room is ventilated optimally to provide an ideal environment for the growth of the plant, thus striking a right balance between plant growth and discretion. Keep your ventilation system well-maintained and try to maintain temperature below 25°C (76°F). It would also be wise to plant your cannabis along with other strong odour producing plants such as Jasmine, Lemongrass and Citrus to keep your activities under wrap.

Reduce The Noise!

This tip is specifically for those who would like to make use of special equipment. Exhaust fans, lighting systems, sophisticated ventilation systems and hydro systems need to get assempled in secret. These items will be operational for many hours each day. Their noise or constant buzz produced can be a big nuisance for your neighbors, resulting in unforeseen problems. A Golden Rule – Be on good terms with your neighbors. If you intend to use special equipment, it is recommended to take proper measures to make the room soundproof by putting in foam floor mats or giving it a suitable acoustics treatment. If you still find noise an issue for your neighbors, it is advisable to move to a location where you don’t have to worry about the neighbors. This factor is generally overlooked by the people but following these measures will make it very difficult for others to get to know about it.

Dispose Of Your Trash Carefully

Experienced gardeners know that cultivation involves a lot of mess like dirt, waste fertilizers, dead plant(s), dried leaves that fall off, and many more. Unlike normal gardening, growing marijuana carries an inherent risk of getting exposed by every prying eye, especially of your neighbours. You need to dispose of pellets, rock wool, empty fertilizer bags, soil and used substrate bags in a very careful fashion. For example, if you leave waste cans open outside of your home, then this may open your secrets before your neighbors. You have to be smart about how you manage the garbage.

Don’t blow the trumpet if you live in countries with restrictive cannabis laws

Don’t blow your trumpet in open. You don’t need to be boastful about your cultivation skills and plants you are growing in your backyard. Being boastful is dangerous and exposes your premises of getting raided or stolen. Don’t trust anyone and keep your secrets close to your heart. Also grow it for your personal use rather than selling it. Being greedy always lands you in trouble. Growing cannabis is illegal in many areas and even in the areas where growing cannabis is legal, unregistered sale of cannabis is punishable with hefty fines and incarceration. Also if possible, try to source the seeds from those who are not your acquaintances and keep on changing your suppliers. Conclusion These are a few simple tips that you can follow to ensure that when you grow cannabis, it remains a secret. Growing marijuana discreetly is a smart step to stay away from all the drama neighbors can throw at you or simply to avoid getting entangled with legalities. Whatever may be the reason for you to hide it, we hope we have helped you. Play Safe & Enjoy Your Cannabis
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