How To Grow Marijuana Indoors

  • March 9, 2022
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Grow Marijuana Plant

Marijuana enthusiasts are now becoming eligible to cultivate this plant in an increasing number of states. The reason for growing marijuana may be for adult use or medical purposes. Many states where marijuana is legal to permit adult users to grow the plant outdoors or indoors. If you are authorized, you can as well grow your marijuana indoors.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors

Growing your marijuana indoors comes with its benefits like being able to control what goes into the plant, and also save money. Cultivating marijuana can be a fun hobby because it is a beautiful plant and grows relatively faster than some other crops.

You must acquire some important equipment before growing marijuana indoors. This provision will allow you to build an appropriate indoor garden. Below are factors and a list of things to consider for cultivating marijuana indoors.

1. Indoor space

A dedicated space is needed for you to grow your marijuana plant. This is because you will not be able to move them around. In an ideal situation, make sure that the space is next to a window. The air from outside can help redirect airflow so that your house does not smell of weed. The marijuana plant smells when it begins to flower, so air circulation is needed.

You can also grow the plant in an unfinished basement, spare room, cabinet, tent, or closet. In any of these situations, you must tailor your materials and plant equipment to fit the space.

2. Indoor climate

Just like all other plants, marijuana requires appropriate environmental conditions to grow well. You must therefore consider factors like airflow, light intensity, humidity, temperature, and so on. Having these in the right proportion will ensure the healthy growth of your marijuana plant through different phases.

Although it is required that you control the indoor climate, you must also know that the plant will be affected by the climate outside the growth space. Therefore, you should choose a dry, cool area that has fresh air from outside that can easily reach the plant inside.

3. Lights

grow marijuana

A different amount of light is required to fall on the marijuana plant during the flowering and vegetative stages. You will have to control the amount of light because the plant is indoor, and the grow-space must be made light-tight.

When in the vegetative stage, 18 hours of light per day is required, while it is 12 hours when flowering. As a result, you should invest in a timer or an automation system to help control the lighting.

4. Air circulation

Carbon dioxide and fresh air are essential for photosynthesis to take place. This means that you must have a steady flow of air through the space to grow your marijuana plant. Achieving this is easy if you place an exhaust fan close to the top of the space.

Additionally, investing in dehumidifiers and ACs can also help if the space is too humid. Ensure that when adding a dehumidifier, you use an AC or fans. This is because using a dehumidifier will minimize humidity but increase temperature.

5. Finding the right soil

For first-timers, you must get high-quality soil for your plant. It is recommended that you get quality potting soil that will provide your plant with all the required nutrients. Good soil for marijuana depends on the presence of soil bacteria and a good amount of mycorrhizae. These elements will help speed up the conversion of organic nutrients that your plant will use.

You may also choose to make the soil yourself. There are various soil types you can find at your local garden store. When you get the soil, proceed to look for microorganisms, nutrients, and other elements that will help improve the soil. Some of these elements may include fish meal, compost, peat moss, biochar, bat guano, and worm castings perlite.

6. Growing containers

You will need growing containers for the soil. The type will depend on the size of your plant, the growth system, and the medium. There are multiple options to select from that may include “air pots”, “small pots”, cloth bags, or standard plastic pots. Both the “smart pots” and the “air pots” are specially designed to promote airflow to the root zone of the plant.

An essential tip for growing marijuana indoors is to also look for healthy containers. For instance, a pot that will ensure proper root development of your plant will need drainage, oxygen, nutrients, and space.

7. Watering and nutrients

You are likely to add nutrients to your plant when growing marijuana indoors. This does not mean that you must add nutrients every time you water the plant. Just make a schedule that allows you to add nutrients once in a while.

You should also check the pH level of the water before watering. One mistake you should not make is overwatering. Note that watering the plant too much will hinder its growth.

Benefits of Growing Marijuana Indoors

Benefits of Growing Marijuana

If legally accepted in your state, there are benefits of growing marijuana indoors. Some of these benefits may include:

  • High-quality weed: Growing marijuana indoors requires more intense resources than growing it outdoors. However, you can control almost all aspects of your plant to ensure quality yield.
  • Adaptability: You are not tied to the seasons when you grow marijuana indoors. This is unlike the outdoors. You can control the humidity, temperature, amount of water, nutrients, and many more.
  • Multiple harvests: Your plant can grow as big as you want it when you grow it indoors. Additionally, you have control over when the plant flowers and when you harvest them. You will also get a consistent crop every time because you can choose to grow it any time of the year.
  • Security and privacy: You may want to be discreet when growing marijuana, even in legal states. This will help keep you safe from potential thieves and judgmental neighbors.


Growing marijuana can be fun when done right. If you are a weed lover and have a passion for the plant, you can select to cultivate it yourself. The effort you put into it will be worth it in the end because of the benefits. Explore the extensive range of high THC and CBS seeds that BC Seeds has and select the ones best suited for growing indoors.

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