Joint vs Blunt Difference Cleared!

  • August 27, 2019
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Joint vs Blunt Difference Cleared

Joints and blunts, have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding which is good, you need to know the basic differences, the sensation with each one, the experiences etc.

Here are the differences between rolling a Joint vs Blunt

The joint is quite often rolled with a single paper, which is called as rolling paper. There are many varieties of rolling paper such as hemp, rice, flax, sisal and esparto. Whereas, Blunt papers are thicker, heftier and have more character. They also have their own hints of flavor.

When you smoke joint you have to make sure that it is rolled properly, correctly, and most importantly evenly so as to enjoy maximum puffs. Whereas, ready-made wraps explicitly designed for Blunts are sold in many shops.

Here are the differences between smoking a Joint vs Blunt

Undoubtedly, Joints are the most classic way to light up. If you are not fond of tobacco, then of course, joint is the way to go. Also, if you want to try Marijuana and are interested to taste that high-quality flower, then joints are only option to go with, that too without using the flavored paper.

Joint are easier to roll, as the papers for rolling the joints are easily available that too in different sizes to use. Whereas, if rolling a blunt is a time taking process because for it you will have to dump out a cigar and then refill it.

Plus the joints upon getting rolled are compact and easier to store, whereas, blunts take much space to store.

When you smoke a blunt, you not only smoke marijuana but also the tobacco, which means together you get the effects of the tobacco and the marijuana. And, the combination of two doesn’t make you more “high,” you only feel that way. Whereas, in case of joints it only and only Marijuana and if smoked properly, it can make you more high and can take you to a more desired psychic trip.

More often than not, people like blunts not for getting high but because of the smoking experience they get out of it. However, many like it because of its taste. As, Blunt can be experimented with different strains mix and with different flavored tobacco papers.

Moreover, one of the main benefits of smoking blunts is that tobacco leaves are commonly larger and tougher and hence they are able to hold more marijuana.

Furthermore, the average joint can only hold a gram of weed, a blunt, on the other hand can hold approximately two to three grams.

While with blunts people have choices to have it thin like a straw or thick just like the width of a cigar. Whereas, joint have rolling papers made up different material but the paper come with the same thickness and only then it can be rolled correctly.

Blunts burn slowly, whereas, joints burn a little faster. Because blunts are tend to burn slow, so they can make a few more rounds, which is not the case with Joints due to their tendency to burn faster.

People who are against nicotine or have problems on consumption of nicotine, blunts are not the best choice for them. Whereas, researches show that Marijuana has medicinal properties, which prevents one from pain and few mental illnesses also.

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