Most Popular Cannabis Strains 2022

Most Popular Cannabis Strains 2022
The most popular cannabis strains 2022 are those that are on sale. Combo packs are selling like hotcakes this February 2022. It because American marijuana seed customers are looking for deals because their budgets are more hurt this month by inflation. So our prices are still 2021 and they are about to go up, but we’re also discounting fresh 2022 seed stock to help you be happy because we’ve all been through a lot the past couple years. So we want you to chill out with the most popular cannabis strains 2022 has to offer. You can get a SUPER DEAL WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Popular Combo Packs in 2022

These are the top 5 most popular combo seed packs that you can buy and save.
  • Heavy Duty Feminized Combo
  • Indica Feminized Combo
  • Easy Growing Feminized Combo
  • King Kush Feminized Combo
  • Space Bucket Feminized Combo

Here is the most popular Top 5 Weed Strains in 2022

  • Blueberry Muffin Feminized Seeds
  • Super Skunk Feminized Seeds
  • Narco Feminized Seeds
  • New Kali Feminized Seeds
  • Supernova Feminized Seeds

This Serious Deal Needs Your Immediate Action

These seeds are all on sale big time as of the posting of this blog. Supplies are limited, so buy right now before these deals end. This is the last time you’ll get deals like this before inflation raises the prices and the freebies end. So seriously take up these deals, it’s your last chance to save money buying weeds seeds in 2022.

Final Thoughts on 2022 Cannabis Deals

2022 is a busy grow year and people are complaining of some strains being out of stock like the Candy Shop Feminized Combo. So this is straight talk, if you want to save money you can buy your cannabis seeds now, these deals could be gone in just an hour. It’s time to take action and buy your seeds at the best deals in a decade.  We hope you enjoyed this blurb and that it helped you buy the best strains at the best prices. Have a wonderful 2022 grow everyone and check back often for new BC Seeds strain releases.    
Mr. BC Seeds
Mr. BC Seeds is an over educated old school hippy who has been involved in the cannabis industry since the 1970's. He is one of the most experienced marijuana breeders in Canada if not the entire world. He was the first to use the most advanced breeding techniques in 2008 to create 42 of the world's strongest cannabis strains. He has been writing in-depth articles about cannabis in Canada for decades and looks forward to continue bringing you cutting edge cannabis strains for the decades to come. Mr. BC Seeds uses a "pen name" because he still travels the world collecting cannabis strains and continues researching cannabis in laboratories of non-legalized countries.
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