My experience using cannabis for the first time as a soccer mom

experience using cannabis for the first time
As a soccer mom, I have always been a bit of a stickler for rules. I’ve never been one to take risks, and that includes trying new things – especially when it comes to drugs. However, after hearing about the benefits of cannabis from friends who used it in college back in 2005, I decided to do my own research and give it a try. This is my experience using cannabis for the first time as a soccer mom.

Cannabis Use of My Friends in 2005:

Back in 2005, I had several friends in college who were using cannabis. At the time, I was a bit judgmental and thought they were just partying and being irresponsible. However, as I learned more about cannabis and its potential benefits, I began to see things differently. My friends were using it to manage anxiety, stress, and even physical pain. They were also using it in a responsible and controlled way, and it wasn’t interfering with their daily lives.

No Previous Drug Use:

I have never used drugs before, and I have always been a bit hesitant to try anything new. However, after learning about the potential benefits of cannabis and seeing how it was being used responsibly by my friends, I decided to give it a try. I wanted to see for myself if it could help me manage stress and anxiety as a busy soccer mom. Next is my experience using cannabis for the first time

First Time Using Cannabis:

I decided to start small and try a low-dose CBD oil first. I was a bit nervous at first, but I found that it helped me relax and unwind after a long day of taking care of my children. After chilling out, I also noticed that I slept better and felt more refreshed in the morning. I was pleasantly surprised by how much better I felt after using it.

Benefits of Cannabis for Busy Soccer Moms:

After using cannabis for a few weeks, I began to notice some real benefits. I was able to manage stress and anxiety better, and I felt more relaxed and at ease. I also found that I was more focused and productive during the day. As a busy soccer mom, these benefits were invaluable.


Overall, my experience using cannabis as a soccer mom has been positive. I have found that it can help manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and increase focus and productivity. If you’re a busy soccer mom like me, I would encourage you to give it a try and see if it can benefit you.

Sober Soccer Mom vs. Cannabis-Using Soccer Mom:

I have to say, being a sober soccer mom and being a soccer mom who occasionally uses cannabis are two completely different experiences. I used to be very stressed out, anxious, and had a hard time falling asleep. But after using cannabis, I found that it really helped me relax and unwind. I sleep better, and I feel more refreshed in the morning. I also find that I am more focused and productive during the day.

Getting cannabis

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