Peyote Invokes Spiritual Insight

  • December 8, 2017
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Peyote Invokes Spiritual Insight
Peyote invokes spiritual insight. Most Western countries have outlawed the use of plants containing naturally occurring drugs. Despite their use for thousands of years by people for spiritual and medical reasons, governments ban them. Plants like cannabis and peyote are illegal for general use in most countries.

Peyote Invokes Spiritual Insight

One has to wonder why. Is it because, as they say, they fear they effects of people misusing the plants to get high? Or, is it something no one dares talk about? Many plants have medical properties. The use of these in Western medicines is common, so the value of plants as healers goes undisputed. But, they ban them from public use.

Native American Legal Peyote Use

Peyote is one plant banned in the US, except for use within the Native American Church spiritual ceremonies. The government recognises the role peyote has in indigenous culture. So, it is legal under the American Indian Religious Freedom Act. Only licenced shamans can grow, harvest, transport, and be in possession of peyote. So, do not get caught with it. There could be serious consequences   Peyote Invokes Spiritual Insight  

Peyote Grows in North, Central Mexico and Southwest America

Found in north and central Mexico, and southwest America, peyote is part of spiritual ceremonies for years. Made famous by anthropologist and author, Carlos Castenada in the late 60s. He turned his student field research into compelling stories about peyote and plant-based drugs. These stories of his shamanistic apprenticeship, escalated him to cult leader status. His books remain popular today, and many consider him to be the grandfather of the New Age. However, there is much controversy about the authenticity of Castenada’s published research. But, that is another story.

What is Peyote?

Peyote is a small cactus that grows close to the ground. You will find it the wilds of the Chihuahua Desert in scrub around limestone areas. It contains the psychoactive alkaloid mescalin, hailed for its medical and spiritual properties. It is produces visual and auditory illusions that allow deep insight into your spirituality. To use peyote, either chew or boil the cactus buttons into a tea. Use it either fresh or dried. It has a bitter taste that can make you feel sick when you first take it. Mexican indigenous people chew on peyote for pain relief and its anaesthetic effects. Native American use peyote to reduce the pain of childbirth, toothache, and some skin ailments. Recreational use of peyote can be toxic with serious side effects, if you take it in high doses.

Peyote Effects

Peyote is not addictive and there is no nasty after effects. People use peyote for greater insight and wisdom. Once the mind-altering effects kick in, it can expand your consciousness and change your perceptions with hallucinations. You can feel euphoric and at one with the world around you. It heightens your thought process, and you may look deep into yourself and find the answers you sought. It promotes a sense of belonging and oneness with the ancient traditions of mother earth.

Therapeutic Benefits of Peyote

Evidence shows the mescalin in peyote is useful in treating depression, alcoholics, anxiety, and drug addicts. Mescalin balances the neurotransmitters, like dopamine and serotonin, in your brain. These are essential to controlling pleasure, feelings and emotions. Peyote activates a similar receptor in the brain. People with addictions, depression, and the like, have damaged serotonin systems. So, peyote is useful in treating people suffering from problems caused by a lack of serotonin.

Peyote is Great Treating Addictions

Psychiatrist, Dr John Halpern spent years researching peyote through Native American Church ceremonies. He found it useful for treating addictions and noted it did not appear to cause any sort of lasting brain damage. He believed the shamanistic ceremonies surrounding its use, were fundamental to peyote’s healing process. People using peyote with the Native American community, usually do not take drugs or drink alcohol otherwise.

Traditional Peyote Use

Peyote is traditionally the mind-altering drug of shamans in traditional ceremonies. Castenada brought peyote back into the spotlight with his tales of being an apprentice shaman, exploring his life’s journey. It is not something you take without guidance or you can find yourself in trouble.
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