Multiple Sclerosis Bud



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Multiple Sclerosis Bud was developed in collaboration with the cannabinoid lab in South Korea and the United Kingdom to prevent the onset of MS. It’s unique cannabinoid combination actually prevents infection especially in women.


Prevent the onset of Multiple Sclerosis. For those who already suffer from MS, Multiple Sclerosis Bud can help. It slows the creation of scar tissue from MS which slow the problems with nerves in your body.

Multiple Sclerosis Bud

Our goal is to minimize the damage created by attacks from relapsing forms and progressive forms which do permanent neurological problems. There is no known cure for MS therefore your suffering is terrible. It’s difficult dealing with life changes both mentally and physically. Be sure to smoke our nighttime version of this strain because it the best way to get a good night sleep.


THC Percentage



High, Very High

CBD Percentage


Yield Indoors

Very High

Yield Indoors g/m2

680 g/m2

Yield Outdoors

Very High

Yield Outdoors g/m2

740 g/m2

Height Indoors


Height Indoors Metric

120 cm

Height Indoors Imperial


Height Outdoors


Height Oudoors Metric

140 cm

Height Outdoors Imperial


Flowering Times

51-60 Days, 61-70 Days

Flowering Days

58-64 Days

Harvest Month



Mostly Sativa Hybrid

Genetic Percentage

15% Indica / 85% Sativa

Cloning Difficulty


Growing Difficulty





Candy Cane, Citus/Lemony, Sour

Buzz Length Smoked

8-12 Hours

Buzz Length Eaten

8-12 Hours

Seeds Per Pack

10 Pack

Type of Seeds

Regular Seeds (Male and Female)

6 Reviews for for Multiple Sclerosis Bud

  1. Jon V
    5 out of 5


    I’m just taking a moment to share my appreciation for this strain because it help with my daily workflow keeping pain minimal. I’ve tried a few strains but they either made me tired and unproductive, or they did not dull my pain enough.

  2. Haylee Durant
    5 out of 5


    I had fast shipping from this seed bank. All seeds were carefully packaged, but most important of all, they grow nice and they work. I suffer with MS and it totally improved my life. I have less pain and more mobility.

  3. Betty St John
    5 out of 5


    My sclerosis magic beans are here now to Stockton. Thanks for the expeditited service.

  4. Tim Trengove
    5 out of 5


    This was called MS bud physical when I grew it for my Uncle with MS. He always asks for more and smokes more than I do, so I am surprised how much he can function all the time, it has really reduced his inflammation and pain, and a very big life quality improvement for him, he does 90% more than he used to, his own words. thank you BC.

  5. Jocelin Spearing
    5 out of 5


    4 days to get to Concord, New Hampshire

  6. Piper Lee Adamson
    5 out of 5


    This is really helpful medicine for me

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