OG Tangerine

OG Tangerine

OG Tangerine

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OG Tangerine Seeds come in a 10 Pack. You'll be surprised how much you'll fall in love with this evening smoke. Best to blaze her after you eat to control the munchies. If you're already full, you won't get any cravings. But smoke her on an empty stomach and you'll be seeking out sugar.

OG Tangerine

Potent Strain. It's like orange hash. Black Hash used to be all the craze inthe 1980's. Then it was blonde Lebanese that took hold in the 1990's. Now hash is out of fashion and it's all about cannabis extracts, marijuana concentrates. If hash ever comes back in style, Orange Hash made from OG Tangerine Cannabis will be the best hash the world will ever see.


OG Tangerine was specifically developed to make the best tasting cannabis extracts. These concentrates tastes so yummy. OG Tangerine is sure to win and make an entirely new category for Cannabis Awards this year.

Best Tasting Orange Strain is OG Tangerine

The best orange tasting cannabis strain is this one. Blueberry also has some pungest lovely flavors, but OG Tangerine tops them all. If you’re familiar with Orage Dream, you’ll want to meets this latest addition to the world’s best tasting strains.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This og tastes like blueberries and mango but has a strong odor in the grow room, really tasty to smoke and one of my fav’s here at bc.

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