Shrooming with friends

  • January 19, 2023
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Shrooming with friends
Shrooming with friends in British Columbia. After a high-school reunion, my old classmate invited me and some other schoolmates to his log cabin. It was about 45 minutes outside of Nanaimo BC. The drive there was beautiful, with the sun shining down on the trees and the mountains in the distance. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. As we drove, we could see the clouds moving across the sky, creating a beautiful contrast with the green of the trees.

The car ride ends but the journey just begins

At the start of our car ride, I shared some of my Golden Teachers (psilocybin mushrooms) with three out of the four of us, leaving one person to be a shroom sitter. As soon as we arrived at the cabin, the mushrooms started to take effect. The cabin was located in a secluded area, surrounded by trees and a beautiful garden. The outside of the cabin was made of wood, and had a rustic feel to it. Inside, the cabin was cozy and warm, with a fireplace and comfortable furnishings.

Euphoria and heightened senses

As the Golden Teachers took effect, I was in shock how I was shrooming with friends. Now back in high school, most of my friends were stoners, but one of these guys was a jock. He never used drugs or even alcohol back then. What a trip it was to share a trip with him! I could hear everything more vividly, the birds singing, the leaves rustling in the wind, the sound of the stream nearby. It was like my senses were heightened. I started to see beautiful visuals and imagery, the colours of the cabin and nature around me seemed more vibrant and alive. I felt a sense of euphoria and connectedness with nature.

Uncontrollable laughter

My friends seemed to be having similar experiences, as I saw them staring off into the distance with a look of wonder on their faces. One of them was laughing uncontrollably, another was lying on the ground staring up at the sky. It was funny to see them in this state, but also beautiful to see them experiencing the same feeling of joy and connection.

Bonding with mushrooms

As the trip progressed and our hyper focuses dissipated, we bonded again sharing old stories and reminiscing about our high school days. We laughed and talked, and it felt like no time had passed at all. The experience was truly magical, and I felt a sense of unity and connection with my friends that I had not felt in a long time.

Connections are what matter

As the trip came to an end and we headed back home, we all agreed that we needed to do this again next year, same time same place. The experience was one of importance, as it’s the connections with people that are the most meaningful in life. I am grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with my old friends and nature in such a powerful way. Learn more visuals and the euphoria of eating magic mushrooms by reading my blogs. You can find out about new blog posts by signing up to my news letter. Also please feel free to share your experiences while shrooming with friends.
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