The legal and ethical considerations of using cannabis in the workplace

Cannabis in the Workplace
The Legal and Ethical Considerations of Using Cannabis in the Workplace. As a cannabis business owner with decades of experience, I have seen the laws and attitudes towards marijuana use in the workplace evolve. With 36 states legalizing medical marijuana and 15 states legalizing recreational use, the issue of cannabis in the workplace has become more complicated than ever.

The Legal Problems of Using Cannabis in Certain Jobs

Cannabis use can be problematic for certain jobs where safety is a top priority, such as driving children on a school bus, working in an airport as a traffic controller, and working as a construction foreman for a sky scrapper in California.
  • Cannabis use can impair motor skills and reaction time, making it unsafe to operate a school bus.
  • Cannabis use is prohibited for airport personnel due to the federal government’s prohibition on marijuana.
  • Cannabis use can impact a foreman’s judgment and decision-making abilities.

Expanding on the Legal Problems

For jobs such as driving a school bus, the legal and ethical implications of cannabis use are clear. Cannabis use impairs cognitive function and reaction time, creating a risk to public safety. Similarly, working in an airport requires strict adherence to federal laws, which prohibit the use of marijuana. For foreman’s, the ethical implications of cannabis use are more serious, and the impairment of decision-making abilities can impact the life’s of employees on the project.

Benefits of Smoking Cannabis on the Job

In creative fields like illustration, smoking cannabis can lead to increased creativity and new perspectives. For factory workers doing monotonous, repetitive tasks, cannabis can provide a sense of relaxation and make the job more tolerable.

Using Cannabis Working as a Forklift Driver

Cannabis use is not recommended for forklift drivers due to the potential risks involved. Forklift drivers are responsible for operating heavy machinery, and cannabis use can impact reaction time and cognitive function. Additionally, the legal and ethical implications of using cannabis while operating heavy machinery can lead to potential legal consequences.

How to Avoid Legal Consequences for Using Marijuana at Your Workplace

The best way to avoid legal consequences for using marijuana at work is to refrain from using it altogether. If you must use cannabis for medical purposes, discuss your situation with your employer and work together to find a reasonable accommodation. Employers should also have clear drug policies in place that outline the consequences of violating drug laws or company policies.

Additional Considerations for Cannabis Use in the Workplace

Other considerations for cannabis use in the workplace include:
  • Employers should provide education and training on responsible cannabis use.
  • Employers should consider alternative testing methods that do not detect cannabis use outside of working hours.
  • Employers should have a clear understanding of state and federal laws regarding cannabis use in the workplace.

Issues for Employers and Employees

The use of cannabis in the workplace presents a complex issue for both employers and employees. While the benefits of cannabis use in certain industries cannot be ignored, the legal and ethical implications must be carefully considered. Employers and employees should work together to find reasonable accommodations that prioritize safety and productivity. P.S. If you are an employer or employee with questions about cannabis use in the workplace, consult with a cannabis lawyer to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities.
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