Trudeau Marijuana Legalization

  • February 14, 2017
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Trudeau Marijuana Legalization a refreshing approach to legal pot

Trudeau Marijuana Legalization. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a refreshingly, straight to the point argument for marijuana legislation. At a conference, in 2016, Trudeau responded to a discussion justifying legalising marijuana – the billions in tax and revenue and jobs a cannabis industry could contribute to Canada’s economy. Trudeau’s response had little to do with money or power. His approach is simple, based on two principles.   Trudeau Marijuana Legalization  

Trudeau Marijuana Legalization

The first is, according to a UN study of 29 countries, young Canadians have the easiest access of most of these countries. It was at the top of the list when it came to underage young people having access to cannabis. Trudeau believes that regardless of the benefits of cannabis, research demonstrates it can have negative effects on developing brains. By controlling and regulating marijuana and the industry it makes it more difficult for young people to access the drug. The second reason is to reduce the criminal activity and the billions of dollars in profits made from criminal activity. Regulating marijuana means it is more difficult for criminals to profit from the industry. Trudeau’s focus is on protecting Canada’s children and cleaning up the streets.

Pot legislation can wipe out the black market

Trudeau’s approach starts at the same place as opponents to marijuana legislation come from, concern for the kids. Opponents oppose legalising marijuana because they believe relaxing the laws puts Canada’s children at greater risk. They argue that children are at greater risk of mental health problems and risks of dependency if cannabis is legalised. The point Trudeau makes is that Canada was at the top of the UNs list of countries where underage teenagers cold get hold of pot easily. With that, there is clear evidence current legislation and regulations based on its illegality are not working. Time for a change. Kids can get it any time they want to use it though it is prohibited. Making cannabis illegal has ruined many lives, with people in jail for possessing only a small amount. Trudeau Marijuana Legalization can do so much so for many. Others have their communities turned upside-down with violence through turf wars with drug gangs. Putting innocent people in the crossfire on a daily basis. This is the result of Canada’s pot laws. The argument is that by legalising pot then it breaks down the black market making it harder for underage kids to get their hands on it. It is not known if this works in practice as trials using this approach are too new for accurate results. So far results are encouraging with Colorado and Washington being the first to fully legalise recreational cannabis use in the US. Teen pot use has declined in these areas, and so have problems related to its use.

Trudeau demands illegal pot shops criminally charged

Late 2016, Trudeau voiced his frustrations at the cannabis black market trade. He told police to charge illegal pop up pot shops with criminal charges even though cannabis legalisation is coming soon. His point being that cannabis has not yet been legalised and they are breaking the current laws. The whole point of legalising marijuana is to stop the lucrative prof its flowing to the criminals and protect to Canada’s kids. While legislation is scheduled to legalise pot sometime in 2017, selling, growing and using pot is still prohibited. It is not for the recreational user that Canada is legalising cannabis, though that will be a result. It is about protecting our children and cleaning up Canada’s streets of criminal elements.

Medicinal cannabis in Canada

Trudeau Marijuana Legalization in Canada. Cannabis is available for medicinal use in Canada with a prescription from a doctor. You can only purchase it from one of the 36 producers licenced by Health Canada. It is delivered by registered mail or small amounts can be grown at home. The pot shops popping up all over Canada in storefronts are taking advantage of the medicinal cannabis legislation and the expectation that it will also be legalised for recreational use in the near future. While the operators of these storefronts claim to be selling medicinal marijuana they do not have a federal licence to sell it so are breaking the law. And, it is because cannabis is soon to be legalised. Operators are taking advantage and are willing to risk any fines to position themselves in the industry before it is legalised. With the expectation of cannabis legalisation, Canada is leading the world in its attitude to regulating cannabis for recreational use.    
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