Types Of Magic Mushrooms And Their Potency

  • January 27, 2018
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Types Of Magic Mushrooms And Their Potency
The many types of magic mushrooms and their potency levels. With the different types of shrooms available it is obvious that the variety and how much you take influences how long you stay high. So, again, there is no simple answer. There are more than 180 magic mushie varieties. Here are 12 of the strongest types along with their psilocybin content:
  1. Psilocybe cyanescens grows across the world in parts of Australia and West Asia, the Pacific Northwest, and Central Europe. This is one of the most common magic mushrooms with a psilocybin content that varies from 0.66% to 1.96% depending where in the world you find them. Find these shrooms here.
  2. Psilocybe azurescens is a strong magic mushie with a psilocybin content of 1.8%. It grows in a small area along the US west coast and as far south as Oregon. These are not the type of shrooms to mess with. You need to know what you are doing when you take these.
  3. Psilocybe bohemica are found in five different parts of the Czech Republic. It contains 1.34% psilocybin and is another mushie not to take lightly.
  4. Psilocybe semilanceata grows in the native grassland habitats and wetter environments. It loves the decaying roots of these areas in Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, US, Canada, and Russia. Its psilocybin content 0.98%.
  5. Psilocybe baeocystis is a solitary mushroom that grows scattered on bark, peat moss, woodchips, decaying conifer mulch. This shroom sometimes grows in the pastures and in lawns in the Pacific Southwest. It has an average psilocybin content of up to 0.85%.
  6. Psilocybe cubensis are the most common shroom in the world and often called gold caps or golden tops. You can find it across the world in place like Ecuador, Australia, Cambodia, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Thailand, and India. Its psilocybin percentage is up to 0.78%, depending on what part of the mushie you take.
  7. Psilocybe tampanensis is a rare magic mushroom. A rare fungi found in 1977 in Tampa, Florida. They were never seen again until they popped up in Mississippi years later. They contain up to 0.68% psilocybin.
  8. Psilocybe weilii was first found in the red clay soils of Cherokee country in northern Georgia in 1995. It grows in a thin layer of mulch under sweetgum trees. It has a psilocybin content of up to 0.61%.
  9. Psilocybe hoogshagenii grows in the subtropical areas of Mexico, and Brazil and Colombia in South America. It likes the clay soils of the coffee plantations. The Mixtec culture used these mushies with their 0.60% psilocybin content, in their spiritual rituals.
  10. Psilocybe stuntzii are found in well-kept lawns in the Pacific Northwest, and in mulch and bark chips. These mushies have 0.36% psilocybin content.
  11. Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa grows along the coasts of Canada and Northern California in the soil where there is wood debris, mulch, and woodchips. It has a psilocybin content of 0.21%.
  12. Psilocybe liniformans are not the most potent magic mushrooms. Find them in grasslands and pastures throughout Michigan, Washington, and Oregon. Its psilocybin content is only 0.16%.
Types Of Magic Mushrooms And Their Potency

Types Of Magic Mushrooms And Their Potency

As you can see above, the types of magic mushrooms and their potency varies greatly from country to country. Psilocybe cyanescens is the most potent and most popular in North America, Canada and Australia. Nothing wrong with mostly finding strong shrooms as they’re the most common to be found as luck will have it!

Difficulty Knowing Magic Mushrooms Potency

Because it’s hard to tell the difference from the types of magic mushrooms and their potency, more people prefer cannabis than taking magic mushrooms. Cannabis is the preferred drug of choice in Western cultures. Asian cultures prefer drugs that speed them up keeping them highly functional. Magic Mushroom Potency
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