Uruguay Fully Legalizes Recreational Cannabis Except For Tourists

  • May 29, 2017
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Uruguay Fully Legalizes Recreational Cannabis Except For Tourists

Uruguay Fully Legalizes Recreational Cannabis Except For Tourists

The movement in Uruguay was cool but then I found out Uruguay fully legalizes recreational cannabis except for tourists. This sucks big time. What are they thinking? It’s like being 30 years old and visiting Canada where alcohol is legal but being told that because you’re a tourist, you can’t drink. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Cheap To Get High on Cannabis If You’re Uruguayan

Prices are just $130/gram making it cheap to get high on cannabis if your Uruguayan. They can buy 5 grams at a time and possibly 10 grams soon. Uruguayans just need to register with their Government once they hit 18, then they can purchase a maximum of 40 grams per month. If they want to save more money they can just grow their own at home or join a local club. Local clubs can grow up to 99 plants at a time. Uruguay Fully Legalizes Recreational Cannabis Except For Tourists

Pharmacies in Uruguay begin recreational cannabis sales July 2017

Locals can just walk into their local pharmacies in Uruguay and buy recreational cannabis. Sales begin this July 2017. Sales should be good because cannabis is Uruguayans most consumed and preferred drug.

Most Uruguayan Strains Are Sativa

The easiest and most popular strains to grow outdoors in Uruguay are cannabis sativa. indica is actually 10x more expensive because it’s imported from the cooler countries Canada and the United States of America. Just like people from everywhere on the planet, they want what they don’t have and there is a large group of Uruguayans buying up all of BC Seeds indica strains to be grown commercially in Uruguay with ten times the profit margins.

Most Uruguayans Against Legal Weed

Unlike the USA and Canada where the majority of citizens are for cannabis, Uruguayans are not. Only 25% want legal weed and 65$ are strongly opposed to legalizing cannabis in Uruguay. I wonder why the government doesn’t listen to its people? If you have any comments, please share your thoughts below.
Mr. BC Seeds
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