What are people missing while eating shrooms?

  • November 13, 2020
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Shrooms or magic mushrooms have a chemical called psilocybin. This chemical is psychotropic and induces hallucination among users. The consumers using this plant reportedly show a decline in their sense of time and space. So, the very first thing that people can miss while eating shrooms is their mental stability. They can feel weird and show signs of confusion in their behavior once the shrooms’ chemicals start kicking in.


HPPD – a perception disorder associated with shrooms

HPPD stands for hallucinogen-induced persisting perception disorder. Due to this disorder, the user is not able to keep time. They may tend to keep on sleeping continuously or babbling the same thing repeatedly. Further, they may show confusion about the height and distance and sometimes behave as if trapped in a confined space. The faulty perception can lead them to suffer from trips and falls more than often. Thus, the user should never think of driving or going on a road after eating magic shrooms.

Conclusively, a proper behavioral sense and assessment ability are what people miss while eating shrooms.


Health promised by eating healthy mushrooms

Eating ShroomsPeople miss the other most essential thing while eating shrooms or magic shrooms is the health guaranteed by edible mushrooms. Mushrooms, used in food, are moderately fiber-rich. They also have appreciable amounts of essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin B. On the other hand, the shrooms or magic mushrooms have chemical psilocybin, which of low to nil nutritional value. At worse, it interferes with the sound mental activity of a person too.

Mostly, the shrooms are grown in controlled and secret places, and its cultivation is deemed illegal in various parts of the world. So, eating shrooms, accidentally or purposely, takes away the benefits of eating mushrooms. They may miss the nutritional benefits they could have by selecting the safe and legally accepted edible mushrooms when they choose to eat shrooms or magical mushrooms.


Makes it difficult to come out of mental agony

Psilocybin of the shrooms can aggravate feelings like loneliness, depression, sadness, etc. in a person. So, if you are already feeling emotionally vulnerable, you can become a complete wreck on consuming shrooms. Thus, by eating shrooms, consumers lose their ability to overcome feelings of setbacks. They may be sucked more deeply into the vortex of sad emotions, which can further become self-destructive in the want of proper counseling.

The chemical found in shrooms does not wear away so quickly. The consumer of shrooms may continue to feel on a bad trip or emotional turmoil for days altogether. Since there is a considerable impact on the sense of time and space, the users might not even know how long they have been feeling low or helpless. Therefore, eating mushrooms rob the people of their emotional intelligence and resilience.


A severe blow caused to mental health

Eating shrooms can be the wrong choice. In some cases, people are fed with magic shrooms with malicious intentions. By showing them as hallucinated or confused most of the time, people with ill intentions can harm their targets in multiple ways. They may use shrooms to make their target mentally weak or disturbed. So, missing on mental health and self-control is the biggest adversary that happens to a consumer of shrooms.


Fake magic mushrooms – a blow to pocket as well

A consumer of shrooms need not necessarily have the ability to tell a fake product from the real one. In Japan, where the magic mushrooms are used as anxiety-killers by the young population, some miscreants rob people of money by selling fake items. They lace the store-bought mushrooms with sedatives or LSD or similar hallucination-causing chemicals and sell them at exorbitant rates as shrooms or magic mushrooms. Therefore, the lack of knowledge and experience can get gullible people duped by the imposter sellers of fake magic mushrooms.

The loss of health and money, societal status, and getting trapped by emotional and mental turmoil are some of the disadvantages that people suffer from while consuming shrooms. The key to getting the excellent feeling of eating shrooms is to do under expert supervision and in the company of trustworthy people, and most importantly, in controlled amounts.

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  1. Does any one want to meet up to hunt mushrooms? I’m 30 from Adelaide and I’m coming to Vancouver on May 21st 2023. I have some decent experience hunting in Australia, but I’d prefer a local to hunt with. If you’re keen reply back.

  2. I personally love the fact that I have HPPD, i’m not suffering at all and i prefer it, it’s my new reality and i love that over what’s going on in the world right now.


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