What Are the Common Traits of Cheese Strains?

Traits of Cheese Strains

Different varieties of marijuana have emerged as cannabis cultivation and breeding have flourished. A particular sensation or flavor is associated with families or strain. Haze strains bring an uplifting high, and Kush strains deliver a very powerful high. The Cheese strains can give you a savory, strong flavor.

Common Traits of Cheese Strains?

Cheese is a hybrid cultivar. It is famous along with the strains that are used to make it. These days, there are variants of the Cheese strain. These variants can be traced to the genetics of the original cheese. Unlike some other strains with fruity, sweet, and herbal flavors, Cheese strains are known for giving a savory, spicy flavor.

There are also variations in the terpenes of Cheese. This variation comes together to form its pungent smell. There is also some other combination of Cheese aroma, and some may not be to everyone’s taste. Cheese strains have their appeal, even as they can smell horrendous and taste delicious. It also has the sensation of a smoother taste, taking the edge off the strong aromas.

Cheese also delivers a blissful, relaxing high due to the many THC-potent trichomes it produces. It is used to relieve depression, anxiety, and pain, and to restore appetite. It is a popular specialty, and it is good to know how to grow it.

How to Grow Cheese Strains

Grow Cheese Strains

You may grow Cheese using its seeds. It should not be difficult, especially when you grow it in the right conditions. The yield of its buds tends to be plentiful, with a THC content of about 17%. Cheese is a resilient strain that flowers over a time of between 8 and 9 weeks. It can handle humidity fluctuations, but you must ensure that the temperature stays within the acceptable range.

Cheese trains can grow to heights exceeding 200 cm when given enough room and light to flourish. Ensure that there is enough room for this strain if you are growing indoors, or try using techniques to reduce its height. To maximize bud production, defoliation, or light pruning may be helpful because most cheese strains grow pushy.

Types of Cheese Cannabis Strain

The Cheese strain has been around the smoking circle for a very long time. Below are some popular types currently in the market.

1. Royal Cheese.

Royal Cheese is known for its fast flowering. It is a pungent cannabis plant developed with the intent of spreading monarchical and classy highs. It has a cured cheese fragrance that instantly enters the nostril.

Additionally, this cultivar is one that indoor growers should expect to reach a stature of approximately 150 cm. The plant can reach up to 250 cm for outdoor growers. This will need strong support because of the sheer weight of the bud.

Royal Cheese has a flowering period that lasts for approximately 6 to 8 weeks. However, some growers want this variety to develop more pronounced effects by keeping it in flowering for 2 more weeks.

2. Sweet Cheese.

Sweet Cheese is a sativa-dominant variety. It gives groovy, energizing, euphoric, and long-lasting highs. The mature and spicy cheese aromas exude from this strain. This can remind you of those fancy cheese plates made available at wine-tasting events. Additionally, this cheese specimen is an award-winning type, taking multiple Cannabis Cups in Spain.

Growers that cultivate this type of Cheese strain get high yields of perfectly cheesy nugs. This is after finishing the curing process. It must also be noted that Sweet Cheese is a photoperiodic plant. It is derived from the hybrid of Black Jack and stabilized Skunks.

3. Big Buddha Cheese.

The Big Buddha is an indica-dominant strain. It is a super-cheesy strain whose excellence has been validated many times. Opening a cannabis jar filled with this strain quickly gives out a smell that is easily noticed. Giving consumers a chill-out high, this strain is great for slowing these stressed brainwaves down.

Before inhaling Big Buddha Cheese, it is essential to cook a solid meal. This is to make sure that the donuts, chips, and delicacies filled with sugar can be avoided. It is a relatively strong and potent strain.

4. Blue Cheese.

Having the Blue Cheese strain is a must if you are considering taking marijuana. Blue cheese is a mix of Cheese genetics and Blueberry. It has flavors that are reminiscent of blueberry cheesecakes made by top pastry chefs globally.

Additionally, Blue Cheese has a low-key effect that is relaxing and meditative. Blue Cheese can elevate your activities to the next level if you are into incense sticks, meditation, yoga, chimes, and Tibetan bowls.

Furthermore, Blue Cheese has 19% THC levels, making it quite potent. It comprises solid sativa genetic, even as it is an indica-dominant variety. It is a great choice if you desire concentration and creative vibes. Blue Cheese has a pungent aroma that is common with blue cheese.

5. Chisel

The Chisel strain is an energetic, euphoric, and uplifting type of Cheese strain. It became popular after NYC Diesel and Big Buddha hybridized efficiently. You can expect this cheese strain to have diesel, grape, and cheese aromas. The negativity is chiseled out by the cheesy cannabinoids and terpenes after vaping some Chisel. This allows for a great flow of positivity.

Chisels have dense nugs that become quite heavy even though it is a relatively medium-sized plant. Due to this, some kind of string support will be required for them. With a chisel, you will get an ultimate guide into the cheese world if you are new to Cheese strains.


The Cheese cannabis strain is incredibly potent considering it seems strange. It is an indica-dominant hybrid with a wonderful taste. Its effects are both invigorating and utterly relaxing as well. When you use any type of Cheese strain, you are sure to be less stressed and all the feelings of low esteem will disappear.

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