What Things to Keep in Mind Before Growing Cannabis Seeds in Your Backyard?

  • August 22, 2022
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Growing Cannabis Seeds

Growing cannabis seeds in your backyard are not just about putting them in soil and hoping they grow. If you want a good harvest, you must research before planting cannabis seeds outdoors. Some things you should consider include analyzing the soil, preparing the soil, appropriate pest control method, and maintenance.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Growing Cannabis Seeds in Your Backyard

The minimum requirement for you to grow cannabis in your backyard is soil, gardening tools, and water. You must also choose a spot that receives a good amount of sunlight. In addition to these requirements, here are details of important things to keep in mind before putting your cannabis seed in the ground.

(1): Choice of strain

You need to pick the right strain when growing cannabis seeds in your backyard. You may be limited in your choice depending on your climate and location. For instance, you have to pick the strain that is acclimated to all year-round cool temperatures if you live in regions in the south or far north of the globe.

Similarly, you have to choose your strain accordingly if you live in colder temperate climates like Eastern and Northern Europe. You need to consider this because the short summers and the strong winter frosts can destroy your plant. As a result, timing your strain choice is important.

Additionally, you have a bit of freedom in choosing a strain if you live in warmer temperate climates. Most commercial strains of cannabis have been developed specifically for cultivation in warmer climates. Long summers and mild winters are the perfect conditions to grow your cannabis seeds. Both indica-dominant and sativa-dominant varieties can be grown in warmer climates.

(2): Where to start your plant

It is recommended that you start your plant in pots indoors before transferring them to your backyard. Let the plants grow for at least 1 or 2 weeks on a windowsill or under artificial lighting. This will protect your cannabis seeds from being eaten by insects or birds while they are still tender and young.

Furthermore, you should allow your plant to go through a hardening period before exposing them to outside elements. To do this, put your plants outside for a few hours at a time and then bring them indoors. Ensure that you shelter them from outdoor elements while you do this.

Your plants would be hardy enough after a week of exposing them to outdoor conditions. You can then leave them in your backyard full-time. Depending on how you want it, you can choose to leave them in bags, pots, or in a hole dug in the ground.

(3): Your grow method

If you are growing your cannabis seed in your backyard, you have the choice to either have them in soil or cultivate them in pots. Each growing method will produce different results.

When you grow in soil, the cost is kept low because there is no need to spend money on purchasing pots. You also get maximum yields and the plant can reach maximum height because the root growth is not restricted. Another result is that your plant will have unrestricted access to moisture and nutrients from the ground.

Growing your cannabis seeds in pots ensures that the soil is not contaminated by the surrounding environment. You can easily conceal your growing operation, and you have maximum control over the growth rate and size of your plants. This method is flexible as you can move the pots indoors in any case of extreme weather.

(4): Good soil

Good soil For Growing CannabiasOne of the most fundamental aspects of growing cannabis plants in your backyard is ensuring that your soil is correctly prepared. You must check the soil to determine the pH level. If the pH level is too high or low, you can mix additives like Sulphur to decrease it or lime to increase it. Soil consistency is important when growing outdoors.

The drainage may be too rapid if there is too much sand, and it will drain poorly when there is too much clay because the soil will be sticky. Cannabis grows better in loamy soil or soil that mainly consists of silt and sand with a lesser ratio of clay. Additionally, the fertility of the soil is essential as well.

If the soil does not support a large diversity or amount of vegetation, add manure or mulch. Doing this is a good way of invigorating the soil and improving the levels of nutrients available in the soil for your plant. You can buy commercial soil if the soil in your backyard is poor or if you want something hassle-free and simple.

(5): The spot to plant

The spot to cannibias plantThe ideal spot when you are planting your cannabis seed in your backyard should be well-irrigated, sheltered, sunny, and have good drainage. It should not be close to areas where some human activities are performed. If you can, ensure that your growth operation is away from the prying eyes of the public.

If your backyard is a hilly terrain, you must not overlook some important aspects. For example, apartment growers find a south-facing balcony preferable for their plant. For this reason, a south-facing hillside is the right spot to grow your plant because it maximizes the intensity and hours of sunlight. 

If you have doubts about the right spot to grow your plant, it is better that you leave it in pots. This way, you will be able to move your plant around until you get the optimum spot for it. Also, you should not put them to the ground too soon because you will not have the liberty of moving them again in case of sub-optimal conditions or extreme temperatures.


Several factors will affect the cannabis plant you choose to grow in your backyard. You should know the important things, some of which have already been discussed. Other things to put in mind are the time to grow outdoors and the best time to harvest. Keeping these things in mind will ensure that you have a bountiful yield at the end.

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