When was CBD Discovered? Important Factors You Should Be Aware Of

  • September 9, 2021
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Important Factors about CBD

There are thousands of supplements being manufactured and sold around the globe. CBD is one of the most popular supplements in today’s market. People consider it as a newer one because recently, it has gotten solid coverage by the media, but when you go into the details, you will get to know that it has been around us for hundreds of years.

The native community has been taking CBD to deal with various medicinal problems. CBD is a short form of Cannabidiol that is extracted directly from the hemp plant. This guide will let you know about when exactly was CBD discovered, how it is serving the community these days, and what would be its expected future?

When Was CBD Introduced?

A Harvard University graduate, a first professor at the University of Illinois, and a famous chemist – Roger Adams has got the honor of extracting CBD for the first time ever in history in 1940. He extracted it from the Cannabis Sativa plant. After extracting, he was not sure if he had done something successfully that is going to be written in history.

After some years, Roger Adams himself and with other fellow scientists realized what exactly he had done. Then, they started conducting detailed research studies to find out the benefits associated with this amazing compound.

Modern CBD History

As far as the history of modern CBD is concerned, it began in 1946 when the very first CBD test was conducted by Dr. Walter on lab animals. This test proved that CBD is not a psychoactive compound and does not result in a mind-altering state. In the same year, another milestone was achieved when Dr. Raphael Mechoulam had introduced the 3D structure of Cannabidiol. With this contribution, most of the time, he is considered the inventor of CBD.

Almost fourteen years later, in 1960, more research was carried out, and as a result, CBD oil was introduced by a British pharmacologist to the market, and it was a great tool for medicinal purposes. After 20 years, in 1980, Dr. Mechoulam marked another achievement in the history of CBD when he discovered that CBD can play an important role in diagnosing neurological disorders.

How CBD Products Are Being Used Today?

According to a survey conducted by Gallup two years ago, around 14% of the American community consumes CBD products. Out of this 14%, 11% of the people take these products to improve their sleep, 20% take them to deal with depression and anxiety, whereas around 40% use them to get rid of their pain.

Nowadays, CBD products derived from the hemp plant are not considered illegal to consume because an important amendment was made in the 2018 Farm Bill, and as a result, CBD products were completely removed from the family of scheduled drugs.

CBD Future

As far as the future of CBD is concerned, it seems very bright because a lot of research studies and experiments are being carried out by the research scientists to collect more authentic updates and benefits.

Final Words

As per recent surveys and different studies, CBD products are effective tools to deal with multiple medical disorders, especially in treating neurological disorders.

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