5 Awesome Tips To Avoid Slow Growth Of Marijuana Seeds

5 Awesome Tips To Avoid Slow Growth Of Marijuana Seeds

When a cultivated plant grows poorly or slowly, it is always because of a reason or reasons that the farmer did not pay attention to. Plants do no grow poorly for no reason, which means all a cultivated plant needs to grow well are the right nutrients, the right growth condition, and the right attention from the farmer. Cannabis, just like many other cultivated plants, is easy to grow in one’s backyard, but it can grow poorly if one fails to pay the right kind of attention to a single factor that affects its growth.

Before you can understand how to avoid the slow growth of marijuana seeds, it is important that you know all the factors that cause the slow growth of marijuana seedling or plant.


What are the reasons why cannabis grow poorly or slowly?


1. Low-quality seeds

Low-quality seeds are the first reason why cannabis grow poorly because once one plants a low-quality cannabis seed, there is virtually nothing one can do to make it grow well.


2. Insufficient light

Plants love to have sufficient light around them and this is the reason why they always bend towards any direction where they can get it. If your cannabis seedling is not getting enough light, it will grow poorly.


3. Too much light

Over-sufficient light can stress your cannabis plant and make it grow poorly.


4. Over-watering

A lot of new cannabis growers find it difficult to know when to stop watering their cannabis, which makes them over-water their cannabis plants all the time. An over-watered cannabis plant will not grow well.


5. Insufficient nutrient

Any living thing that is not well fed will grow poorly and your cannabis plant is not an exception.


6. Too much nutrient

Supplying your cannabis with over-sufficient nutrient may seem like a good thing, but it is not. Excessive nutrient cause nutrient lockout, which will cause slow cannabis growth.


7. Incorrect PH Level

Cannabis plants need a suitable PH level to be able to absorb nutrients, so if the PH level in the soil in which they are cultivated is off, they will grow slowly.


8. Big planting pots

If you grow your cannabis seedling in large pots, they may grow poorly because of too much water.


9. Wrong temperature

Temperatures that are too low or too high will make your cannabis plants grow slowly. The right temperature for cannabis is between 240 C to 300 C.


Five awesome tips to avoid slow Marijuana Growth


1. Buy high-quality seeds

Buying the best cannabis seeds that you can afford is the first step in ensuring your cannabis plants grow well and give you a very good yield.

2. Your cannabis seedlings need a light with a blue spectrum. An incorrect light spectrum could make them grow poorly.

3. Do not water your marijuana seedlings too often.

4. If you grow in soil, make sure the PH is between 6.5 to 7.0

5. Do not plant your cannabis seeds in pots that are too big.

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  1. Under number 9 ; wrong temperature , 300 C is 572 F…. unless your “C” refers to something else, That temperature would burn your house down and your plants along with it.


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