Indoor Vs Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation: Which Is Better?

Indoor Vs Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation Which Is Better

The only reason why cannabis became a plant that people grow indoors is that it was criminalized. If the cultivation of cannabis was not prohibited, the people who started the indoor cultivation of cannabis would not have even considered it. The Indoor cultivation of cannabis started because people did not want to face the wrath of the law for growing cannabis and it never stopped since then.

One of the questions that people ask (especially the people living in countries where it is legal to grow cannabis) before they start growing cannabis is: Which one is better between the indoor and outdoor cultivation of cannabis.




Cannabis is a plant that requires some peculiar conditions to grow well and to produce a good yield. That makes growing it indoors a better option because it allows for a controlled environment. In other words, growing cannabis indoors allows for control over humidity, light, PH, temperature, nutrients, carbon dioxide production, air flow, and protection from unfavorable weather conditions.

Although growing cannabis indoors allows one to grow cannabis of good quality that is high in THC, indoor cannabis is not as high yielding as the one grown outdoor. That is because the more light cannabis gets, the more yield it will produce, and outdoors is the only place where cannabis can get the light powerful enough for high yield.

Also, when grown in a controlled environment, cannabis becomes more susceptible to pests, mildew, and mold. That means if one wants to prevent the complete destruction of one’s indoor cultivated cannabis in a very short period of time, one must be ready to strictly and constantly monitor them. Indoor cannabis is more likely to be sprayed with pesticides that cause harm to humans. That makes the indoor cultivation of cannabis harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, cannabis plants grown outdoors are less susceptible to pest because they are grown in natural conditions. They adapt to their surroundings and can defend themselves against pests, mildew, and mold. That means outdoor cultivation of cannabis does not require strict and constant monitoring. Also, it is environmentally friendly since one can grow cannabis without the need to use harmful pesticides.


Pros of growing cannabis indoors

  1. You can grow your cannabis out of sight.
  2. You have absolute control over the environment.
  3. You can produce cannabis all year long.
  4. Indoor cannabis is of better quality.

Cons of growing cannabis indoors

  1. It is expensive.
  2. It requires strict and constant monitoring.
  3. You must keep the area clean and ventilated.
  4. Indoor cannabis is susceptible to pest and mildew.

Pros of growing cannabis outdoors

  1. It is not expensive.
  2. Cannabis is less susceptible to pest, mold, and mildew.
  3. Bigger Yields.
  4. Outdoor cannabis produces the best bud flavor.

Cons of growing Cannabis Outdoors

  1. Outdoor cannabis is at the mercy of mother nature.
  2. It cannot be done anywhere.
  3. It is environmentally friendly.
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