High CBD Marijuana: A Boon For Sunburn Relief!

  • May 9, 2019
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You must have heard of various benefits of medical marijuana in the treatment of many ailment. But, have you ever known one very important feature of high CBD marijuana is, it is a boon for sunburn! Astonished???

Yes, high CBD has the potential to help with a wide range of conditions and symptoms, from gastroenterological disorders and diabetics, to nausea and anxiety. But the most surprising application of these high CBD includes treatment of sunburn, serious skin hydration, and other skin issues.

So, no need to worry this summer season! You know what to do to get the best results. Skin care in summer season is very important especially if your skin is sensitive to long sleeves and full pants in that hot. Whether you wish to keep your skin moisturized during dry summer months or prevent it from tanning or treating sunburn, with high CBD high results are guaranteed. Add high CBD to your summer care regimen!

How High CBD Offers Sunburn Relief

Summer comes with all the pluses and minuses of season. There is a lot love about summer from spending more time outside to enjoy all the water games in sunny happy hours. However, the only disadvantage to summer season is ‘sunburn.’ We all get those ugly tanned patches on our skin almost every year. The more hurtful it becomes when wearing desired clothes get impossible due to those tans. Somehow tanning goes then comes the itching! Ooops, thought only cowers!

Moreover, summers not only brings sunburn with them, but also the risk for skin cancer. Study shows, half of US adults (under 30 years) get sunburn at least once a year. And getting sunburn just once every two years triples the risk of skin cancer.

Hence, the best you can do to fight sunburn is to prevent it completely, for obvious reasons! Already you must be applying and re-applying sun screen lotions of high SPF. But sometimes that is not enough!

So, let’s see how high CBD can help manage sunburn.

High CBD For Sunburn Relief

With sunburn comes pain also, and this pain can vary from mild to extreme case to case. Tons of “traditional” topical pain relievers are available in the market to choose from, but study shows high CBD can better cater the issue. According to a recent study, cannabidiol works as a strong pain reliever because of its natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Apothecanna’s Calming Body Oil is a perfect pain relieving and moisturizing option for one and all.

High CBD For Itching

Once the tanning goes away it leaves itching behind to create more trouble, the peskiest side effect, trust me! Luckily, high CBD can help you in relieving itching also, as, it has shown a ton of promise for relieving irritation and itchy skin which comes with sunburn!

According to a recent study, cannabis has incredible anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, researches claim that the most promising role for cannabinoids is in the treatment of itch. All you need is to use a CBD Extract Pain Relief Spray. You can use this spray on the super itchy areas without having to rub anything.

High CBD For Moisturizing Your Skin

Finally, you notice the burnt area has peeling skin, as the part becomes ultra-dry. That can still be taken care by applying moisturizer on the affected area! Tons of moisturizing options are available in the market with good ingredients from aloe vera to shea butter. But trust high CBD is one of the best moisturizing options for your skin in summers!

Studies even show that high CBD can also treat psoriasis-a skin condition caused by super dry skin that leads to severe itching and discomfort. If it is true that high CBD can help prevent psoriasis, then undoubtedly, it is the safest and the best option to administer sunburn.

Hence, you need not to worry, enjoy your summers to the fullest as high CBD is there to take care

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