All about an eighth of weed

  • April 24, 2018
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All About An Eighth Of Weed

All About An Eighth Of Weed

All about an eighth of weed, it’s a common weight used for selling cannabis. This is a common weight used on the black market and used by dispensaries today. When you have not come across it before, it simply refers to the size of a deal. Eighth is only a measurement like cups and tablespoons when you are cooking. Let’s have a look at an eighth of weed.

What does an eighth weigh?

An eighth of weed is simply that, an eighth of an ounce. This is a total of 3.54 grams for the metric thinkers and 3.5 grams straight on the street. But, how much weed there is in a deal varies depending on how tightly packed the heads are. Cannabis is light so it takes quite a few buds to get correct weight. This is a good size deal to start off with as it is a good handful of cannabis that fills the bottom of a sandwich bag.

How much does an eighth cost?

The price of an eighth of weed varies across the US and the world. It depends on many factors – supply and demand, time of year, cannabis quality, risk levels, and whether it is legal or not. Price usually indicates quality. Buying from a dispensary prices fluctuate from between $85 and $450 for everyday weed with top shelf product costing up to $700. Street prices are slightly higher from $900 to $1600 an eighth. The average price of cannabis in California is $682 an ounce so that makes the average price of an eighth around $180. Weed’s average price in Oregon is $336 meaning an eighth around $100. With dispensaries wanting to build loyal customers they may even do deals for repeat customers on low shelf cannabis. Others cap the price wholesale weed at at $80, meaning they guarantee that is the most you will pay.

How long will it last?

How long will it last? Well, that depends on how much you use at a time. Smoking occasionally, it will last for a couple of weeks. Enjoying a smoke every night after work maybe a week. An eighth is enough for a weekend party with a couple of friends.

The ideal amount

People think an eighth of weed is an ideal amount. It’s affordable and it is enough that you will not smoke it all at once, but BC Seeds strains fetch up to 1000% more per ounce because it’s the leading edge. It’s THC is so high, large legal grow operations are buying literally millions of bc seeds at retail costs, keeping many retail customers angry because they cannot find stock. It’s less work dealing with a few large large customers instead of millions of small retail customers. When the green rush is finished, bc seeds will be able to focus on the individual again. It’s been a decade, and it this green rush can’t go on forever but it look likely it could continue for at least two more years.

A gram is too small for cost effectiveness

Whatever. It makes a good size for a first-time buyer to try. A gram is a minuscule amount in today’s age. Buying an eighth saves money and another trip to the cannabis shop.   All About An Eighth Of Weed    
Mr. BC Seeds
Mr. BC Seeds is an over educated old school hippy who has been involved in the cannabis industry since the 1970's. He is one of the most experienced marijuana breeders in Canada if not the entire world. He was the first to use the most advanced breeding techniques in 2008 to create 42 of the world's strongest cannabis strains. He has been writing in-depth articles about cannabis in Canada for decades and looks forward to continue bringing you cutting edge cannabis strains for the decades to come. Mr. BC Seeds uses a "pen name" because he still travels the world collecting cannabis strains and continues researching cannabis in laboratories of non-legalized countries.
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