Whats the price of a gram of weed

  • April 25, 2018
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Whats the price of a gram of weed

Whats the price of a gram of weed

Whats the price of a gram of weed? How much should you pay for a gram of weed? The most asked question. And, there is no one straight answer. Many factors influence the price of a gram of weed. These drive price up and during growing season it can drop. The more of the following factors going on at one time in the market, the higher the price.

Legal or not

Whether cannabis is legal or not plays a huge role on the price. In Colorado weed is legal. A gram is round $17. But where it is not legal it can skyrocket to as much $40 and over. And, of course, it depends on the quality of the weed. People selling on the black market always mark up the price to cover the risks of getting caught by the police for selling cannabis.

Quality makes a difference

Of course, the quality of the weed makes a difference to the price. Medium level quality will cost you $20 a gram in Michigan and top quality weed costs $75 in Beverly Hills. Or, for top quality cannabis it can cost $30 a gram in Missouri compared $20 in North Carolina. So, there are wild variations no matter where you are. The price is not set in stone. This is not your grandpa’s marijuana. Strains today are complex hybrids with extreme levels of THC.

Supply and demand

Supply and demand plays a major factor in price. When demand is high and there is not much weed around then prices go up. Fewer sellers and short supply in dry seasons will always drive prices up. That is why it is usually more expensive in small towns compared to major cities. This works the same way for dispensaries and the black market.

Growing seasons

Price also depends on outdoor growing seasons. Harvesting starts in September for a few months, depending on the weather in the area. Prices should go down around this time until December or into the New Year. Cannabis grown inside will always be more expensive with the cost of electricity to run the lights as well as all the other costs of an inside grow.

Medical or recreational

Whats the price of a gram of weed for medical grade? Where recreational cannabis is legal in the US, the cannabis sold at dispensaries is a lot cheaper. Well you would think. This is not true in every state that has legal medical and recreational cannabis. In Washington you can save money with a medical marijuana card, but in Nevada, Maine and Alaska applying for this card may not save you any money. So, a gram is the smallest amount of weed you can buy in a deal. It will cost you anywhere between $20 and $70 for medium to good quality cannabis.   Whats the price of a gram of weed    
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