How to Beat Drug Driver Tests in Australia

  • February 27, 2017
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How to Beat Drug Driver Tests in Australia

Beat drug driver tests in Australia may not be legal be if you get caught. But these new drug driving tests could have motorists fooling themselves. Motorists bragging they can fool police roadside drug tests, may find themselves playing Russian roulette with the law. There is much talk about how to cheat these tests. First you must try to understand how long the drug stays in the system. Other ways can be to swallow up1/2 a cup of balsamic vinegar while eating no less than three processed cheese slices. Some swear by using balsamic vinegar as a mouthwash to mask a swab or urine reading. What motorists do not understand is that roadside drug testing is not particularly accurate. Police are only looking for a sign of drugs if they suspect you are under the influence. If they get that sign, you’re in trouble. They place you under arrest and take you back to the station for more in depth testing. Even if you pass a roadside swab, police can order further investigation if they have good reason. beat drug driver tests The safest way to avoid random drug testing is to either not take drugs at all. Better yet, don’t drive a motor vehicle when you are high. We do not recommend you drive under the influence of anything. Sharing research about how to beat drug driver tests in Australia is strictly for entertainment purposes only. We do not want anyone to act in conflict with their local  Aussie laws.

Random drug test confusion

Cannabis is the most popular illicit drug in Australia. Police are rolling out roadside random drug testing across the country. Weed smoking motorists are scrambling to find out how long THC stays in their system. They need to know before State government drug testing devices can detect them. State governments offer different information. It seems that while police use devices that can identify many drug types in a roadside drug test. Mostly they are looking for the psychoactive chemicals found in methamphetamine, cannabis and ecstasy. It is possible to detect Crystal meth and MDMA in the first 24 hours after use, but it seems everyone has a different opinion about how long it takes THC to leave your system. Roadside drug testing is becoming a contentious issue for motorists.

Roadside drug tests in differents parts of Australia

With NSW and Northern Territory using the same devices. Both states offer drivers different information. In NSW, motorist information advises that a saliva swab stick can detect THC in your system for up to 12 hours after your last use. But, some drivers claim showing a positive test days after taking their last toke. In Northern Territory, the government website advises THC takes about 5 hours. They mean how long it takes to break down in the system to become undetectable. Victoria Police warn motorists their drug testing devices can detect THC in your system for up to 24 hours after your last use of cannabis. South Australia advises motorists drug testing devices in that state can detect THC for several hours after your last use. It also tells people that residue from use in previous days or weeks is not detectable. A South Australian legal site advises random drug testing stations can detect THC in your system for up to 4 hours after your last smoke. But stronger strains from BC Seeds like Sky Heaven can keep you high for over 26 hours after you smoke them, so it’s best not to drive for at least 30 hours after consuming strong weed and only if you feel normal and alert. it’s best to drive safe instead of worrying about how to beat drug driver tests in Australia.

West Australia Drug Driving Tests

West Australia says THC is detectable for up to 4 hours after use. Queensland has a zero tolerance of drug drivers and offers no advice about its testing devices. And, Tasmania warns motorists it is illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs. What information is correct? All states add a caveat that the detectable times depend on the strength and amount of the drug you have taken and your metabolism. So if you’re a couch potatoe, it will most likely stay in your system longer than say someone getting high and playing basketball.

Drivers swear vinegar helps beat roadside drug tests

Rumour has it that a balsamic vinegar mouthwash can fool roadside drug testing devices. So, can vinegar mask THC and other drugs in your system. Using vinegar has long been popular as a way to mask urine, hair and saliva tests particularly for cannabis. The logic is that the acid in vinegar speeds up your metabolic rate to flush traces of drugs from your system faster.

Don’t gamble safety on  rumors

Relying on anecdotal stories of drivers from online forums is not likely to help you if you get caught drug driving. It does not matter what state you are in, it is illegal. Whether masking agent work or not, is probably a lot up to luck. People who claim they can beat roadside drug tests may have done so through sheer luck. There is no evidence that gargling with vinegar or mouthwash is going to help you at all when you get caught. What it comes down to is not driving while under the influence of drugs if you want to beat the drug driver tests in Australia.

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