Krokodil Zombie Drug

  • February 28, 2017
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Krokodil Zombie Drug

Watch out for the flesh-eating designer drug. Krokodil zombie drug is a Global epidemic. It has not found its way to the Australia yet. But beware. It is not a drug you want to try. Or, try it at your peril. Police in NSW are warning people about this drug that turns users into addicts really quickly. It is a lot cheaper than buying heroin and 10 times more potent than morphine. Based on codeine, it is named after the affects it has on its users. Wherever the drug is injected into the skin becomes scaly and leaves it looking like a crocodile’s skin.

Krokodil Kills in Under 2 Years

Because of the effects of Krokodil, users may only have up two years to live from when they first become addicted. So, if you think it might be fun to try designer drugs like Krokodil, you are actually taking a huge risk with your health and your life. You do not know what dangerous chemicals are used to create them. Krokodil Zombie Drug

Where did Krokodil come from?

Krokodil is the street name for desomorphine and is an opioid derived from codeine. Opioids are highly addictive, similar to heroin, has an anesthetic effect and acts as a sedative. The problem with home manufactured Krokodil is that it may or may not contain dorsomorphine because it ingredients are unknown. Russians have manufactured Krokodil for more than 10 years. It is estimated, that more than 1 million people use the drug in Russia. It appeared to have been first developed when the Afghan opium crops only yielded half the amount they had previously in 2009. Leaving a shortage of opium for heroin production. So, people turned to codeine type medicines available over the counter to concoct their own version. An issue with this is the effect that other chemicals combined with the codeine used to make Krokodil is unknown. Often people think they are buying heroin but sold Krokodil instead.

How is Krokodil made?

Krokodil is manufactured in a similar way to homemade methamphetamines. Solvents like paint thinners, lighter fluid, hydrochloric acid, the red phosphorous from matches, iodine and gasoline are cooked together with the codeine. The danger with this is you never know where you are buying your drugs from or how they were manufactured. The Krokodil people buy may not have been cooked long enough to remove such toxic chemicals from the resulting end product.

Krokodil effects

Krokodil is up to 10 times stronger than morphine with its effects only lasting up to two hours. Because the high only lasts a short time, users find themselves in a spiral of continued repeat use. They keep using to avoid withdrawal symptoms similar to heroin withdrawal. This is because Krokodil is usually desomorphine, which is similar to heroin. Desomorphine has triple the toxicity and has 10 times more anesthetic effect than morphine.

Krokodil Zombie Drug Via IV Injection

Injecting with Krokodil that may have toxic chemicals left behind in causes gangrene, skin infections and ulcers. This affects people so badly it can cause soft tissue infections, necrosis, damage to veins and gangrene. Krokodile Zombie drug is known to give its users crocodile skin. Infections can be localised at the injection site or can appear in other parts of the body. It can leave scale-like skin behind much like the skin of a crocodile. There may be other organ and nervous system damage but there is little research available on its long-term effects. Reports from Russia say that Krokodil is responsible for at least half of their drug-related deaths. Because users will use it frequently to stay high, it is easy to become physically dependent on Krokodil. This may result in the binge use of Krokodil that can last indefinitely. Krokodil users are unlikely to sleep and suffer from sleep deprivation, speech problems and loss of memory. With the highly toxic, frequent use it puts users at high risk of overdosing on the drug.

Krokodil’s side effects

Using Krokodil you run the risk of the following side effects when you inject it:
  • rotting gums resulting in the loss of teeth
  • meningitis
  • risk of transmitting blood borne diseases
  • reduced memory and ability to concentrate
  • gangrene and open sores
  • damage to blood vessels
  • infections in your skin and soft tissue
  • blood poisoning
  • damaging to your liver and kidneys
  • infections in the bones
  • pneumonia
  • overdose
Krokodil users can also put themselves at further risk if they do not seek medical help when they need it for fear of legal consequences. Users may also not seek medical attention because their desire to keep using Krokodil is so strong to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Krokodil Skin

After reading this, Krokodil may not be a drug you want to try. Please don’t use hard drugs like the Krokodil Zombie drug. If you don’t believe me, just google search Krokodil Skin and view the images
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