Benefits of legalizing cannabis

  • March 27, 2018
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Benefits Of Legalizing Cannabis

Benefits of legalizing cannabis

Benefits of legalizing cannabis. Legalizing cannabis is the subject of many heated debates across the world. Although it is illegal in most places, it does less harm to people’s health than using other things. Prohibition does not stop its availability and many continue to grow and supply it. The continuing outlaw of a plant that is not be addictive makes it interesting. Governments allow cigarettes and alcohol sales to be available to the people. This is although they are addictive and well known for causing all sorts of health problems. Cannabis is a controversial issue for the US government. While the federal government prohibits it, individual states can make their own laws about its use. And, nine states have already legalized recreational weed with no dire consequences.

Medical Cannabis Is Legal In Canada

Medical cannabis is legal in Canada, and the government plans to legalize it this year. In Australia there is a ban on recreational weed. The government allows medical cannabis, but individual states pass their own laws. Most Australian states have strict medical cannabis legislation in place. But, it is slow to get off the ground. Very few people can access it as few doctors prescribe it. Doctors are cautious, so are not writing cannabis prescriptions. They are waiting for more research. So, what are the benefits of ending prohibition on marijuana?

Benefits of cannabis and the law

Here are a few reasons why marijuana legislation should change to allow its use.

Tax revenue

One of the biggest benefits for governments is the increase in tax revenue. With the legal sales of cannabis in the US hitting almost the $1 billion mark, this is a staggering $135 million in tax. Tax revenue is the top argument for legalizing cannabis. It puts more money into taxpayers pockets. This can help communities in many ways. Hire more police, more funding for healthcare and education, and public projects. The list is endless.

Destroys the black market

Prohibiting anything is like waving a red flag at a bull. It creates a demand for it and so a black market operates to supply demand, and it is no different for marijuana. People want to smoke for recreation and many more want to use it for its medical properties. Because there is a demand there will always be someone underground ready to supply it. People involved in the black market are often involved in organized crime. This is not good for anyone, in particular local communities.

Benefits of legalizing cannabis

Legalizing cannabis can put them out of business eventually or force them to become legitimate. Where it is legal the black market is almost completely destroyed. Growers, producers, and dispensaries are legally licensed and registered with the state. And, the state earns heaps of tax. That is great for everyone except for those operating in a black market.

Decreases drug related violence

Drug related violence from gangs, in particular, is a reality in many areas of suburbia for a lot of reasons. Competition among people for drugs and money, and repayment of debt causes a lot of trouble. Legalizing recreational cannabis removes the reason for fighting and the source of disputes. Where cannabis is legal people cannot become targets as they can turn to the legal system for help.

You know what you are buying

Safety benefits of legalizing cannabis. When you buy legal cannabis and edibles from state run dispensaries it is safer. Producers and manufacturers are accountable for the quality and safety of the products. Product safety can be an issue with black market products as you may not ever know what you are buying. It can have anything added without your knowledge and no accountability. When you buy legal cannabis, you know what you are paying for. With this type of quality control, it results in less medical problems. Because of quality and safety control there is less likelihood of overdoses or of lacing it with hidden substances.

Frees up the court system to focus on more serious crime

Legalizing medical and recreational cannabis allows a better focus on more serious crimes. Where cannabis is legal, there are more funds available. Where it is illegal, the justice system becomes overwhelmed with minor crimes. A record for minor possession charge turns people into criminals. Possessing cannabis is the same as heroin or cocaine possession in the eyes of the law. It makes their lives more difficult when they cannot get employment. Legalizing cannabis removes all this and the stigma of marijuana. Legalizing marijuana across the world make a s lot of sense. It also makes it easy to access for medical purposes.   Benefits Of Legalizing Cannabis  
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